Firms Get Lost Amidst An Overwhelming Array of Digital Carbon Compliance Solutions

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Firms Get Lost Amidst An Overwhelming Array of Digital Carbon Compliance Solutions

Momentum around the world to curb carbon emissions has never been greater. While there are many interest groups that would argue the pace of change is still far too slow and that carbon emissions (from fossil fuel sources at least) continue to show an upward trajectory, there are signs that governments, investors and corporates are taking real action to address this. Once of the most notable moves is the introduction of TCFD (Taskforce for Climate-related Financial Disclosures) -linked legislation. This is already in force in the UK and due to take effect in the EU from 2024. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is also proposing TCFD-linked legislation for US listed firms. These pieces of legislation will put new carbon-specific requirements on listed firms related to governance, strategy, risk management and metrics and targets. Even for firms not directly impacted by the legislation, a growing focus on supply chain emissions will likely result in more detailed requests around carbon emissions.

Capturing carbon emissions data, particularly for larger firms with a global footprint is not straightforward. Firms are facing challenges related to the volume, velocity, variety and veracity of the data. For most firms, it will be prohibitive to deal with this challenge unless there is an appropriate digital solution in place. The majority of firms we speak with understand this requirement.

Identifying the need for a digital solution is the easy part of this process. The difficulty we hear repeatedly from our clients is how to identify a shortlist of suitable vendors. If one runs a basic search on carbon management software, you are returned with pages and pages of vendors that can seemingly solve all your problems in a few clicks. We maintain a database of carbon management software providers which number close to 200. Creating a very long-list of vendors is not the issue - it’s quickly and efficiently isolating the shortlist of vendors which are a good fit for your business which is the primary challenge.

In order to address this common problem, we will be running a webinar dedicated to describing how corporates can quickly and easily shortlist the most suitable carbon management software vendors. Using our competitive benchmark of global carbon management software providers (Green Quadrant: Enterprise Carbon Management Software 2022), we will demonstrate how you can align your requirements to the capabilities of these software vendors and generate a customized benchmark that helps to isolate the best fit firms for your specific business needs. Beyond this, we will also demonstrate how the benchmark can be applied to other vendors that don’t feature in the quadrant.

To maximize the value participants receive from this webinar, and to enable the first step in your shortlisting process, we will be sharing complimentary outtakes of our benchmark report with all webinar attendees.

Register for the webinar here: How To Solve Your Carbon And Climate Compliance Requirements

Stuart Neumann

VP of Advisory Services

Stuart Neumann is VP of Advisory Services and leads Verdantix advisory services globally, delivering high impact projects for C-Level executives seeking help with challenges in the EHS, Climate, Sustainability and Asset Management markets. His project experience spans go to market strategy, acquisition scans, commercial due diligence, digital strategy and software selection. Stuart joined Verdantix in 2010 and prior to his career at Verdantix, Stuart was a technology consultant at Accenture.