EHS Software Vendors Follow The Partnership Path To Secure New Market Opportunities

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EHS Software Vendors Follow The Partnership Path To Secure New Market Opportunities

In the last few months, there has been a flurry of partnerships in the EHS software market, ranging from implementation service firms to content providers. For example, in May 2023, KPA partnered with ClickSafety to provide customer safety training courses, while Enhesa partnered with TenForce to support customer regulatory compliance. In August, ETQ and Trogen announced a strategic reseller partnership and VelocityEHS partnered with WSP, providing customers with access to implementation support, ESG consulting and digital solutions. Despite the four strategies providing different services, all help provide a path of potential growth for EHS software vendors.

Implementation partnerships, like the one between VelocityEHS and WSP, are ‘wraparound’ services that help support clients through the implementation process. Implementation is often a challenging period for both clients and EHS software vendors, who lack the resources to be able to support their customers though integrations and complex configuration. Through an implementation partnership, EHS software vendors gain access to a larger pool of resources, ensuring they can provide customers with the specific solutions they require both in budget and on time – for example, by integrating the VelocityEHS Accelerate Platform with WSP’s advisory and software implementation expertise.

The partnership between Enhesa and TenForce demonstrates the need to keep up with ever-increasing ESG regulations. With established reporting tools for measuring environmental compliance and GHG emissions, EHS teams now have a major responsibility for delivering ESG strategies. Enhesa is a regulatory and sustainability intelligence provider. Through its partnership with EHS software vendor TenForce, Enhesa’s regulatory content will be available on the TenForce platform. Customers will automatically receive updates on the latest regulations, ensuring they can maintain compliance and keep their brand’s reputation intact.

Reseller partnerships are a form of indirect sales where the partner sits between the seller and the customer, orchestrating sales on the seller’s behalf. Take the partnership between ETQ and Trogen formed in August 2023. EHS software vendor ETQ is the seller, while Trogen, a digital transformation consultancy, is the partner. With a reseller partnership, Trogen will help ETQ to sell its software. These kinds of partnerships enable EHS software vendors to expand their customer base, exploring new geographies and industries. For example, ETQ will now be able to sell its EHS software to Trogen’s customers across India. This enables ETQ to diversify its customer portfolio, without having to solely rely on direct sales, which can prove difficult in periods of economic uncertainty.

As digital training tools continue to grow in popularity, firms are seeking to incorporate these methods into their strategies. Research has shown that tailored training solutions are an effective and engaging tool. Partnerships with digital training providers can produce specific modules that apply to the relevant industry and work conducted by employees. Therefore, the workforce can clearly see the benefits and are well aware of the actions they must take in emergency situations. Take the partnership between KPA, an EHS software provider, and ClickSafety, an e-learning provider. KPA customers will have access to US OSHA-certified safety training courses in general industry and construction. Once completed, workers will be well-trained to deal with the safety situations that typically arise in their workspace.

Partnerships continue to be an attractive strategy for firms to gain traction without having to invest heavily in research and development or marketing. To learn more about EHS software partnerships, visit the EHS research portal here.

Zain Idris


Zain is an Analyst in the Verdantix EHS practice. His current research agenda focuses on total worker health and software vendor partnerships. Prior to this role, Zain completed an internship at Verdantix recording major mergers and acquisitions within each practice. Zain holds a BSc in Economics from the University of Warwick.