Deloitte And SAP Strengthen Partnership With Full Suite Of Sustainability Tools

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Deloitte And SAP Strengthen Partnership With Full Suite Of Sustainability Tools

Deloitte, a London-headquartered global professional services firm that specializes in consulting, risk advisory, audit and assurance, financial advisory, and tax and legal, has launched a suite of ESG solutions built on SAP technology. With over 345,000 employees and annual revenue in excess of $50 billion, Deloitte is building on pre-existing foundations to enhance a range of ESG and sustainability solutions available to their client-base. 

Like many of the major service providers, Deloitte has a long history of working closely with SAP. For example, their partnership has resulted in sustainable-focused solutions like Sustainable Planning for supply chains with D-CARB on the SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) software and the Sustainability Analytics Platform. These solutions, along with others, have contributed to SAP’s high brand perception across software markets and preliminary Verdantix research from over 250 corporates indicates that SAP is well-regarded for ESG and sustainability capabilities too. 

Building on previous successful collaborations, this new suite of tools offers something unique in an ESG software-services partnership. It is the first time the two firms, and arguably any software vendor and professional services firm, have developed what intends to be a holistic solution for the most pressing ESG and sustainability needs, as opposed to point solutions for individual use-cases. The suite of tools includes solutions for:

  • Developing ESG Strategy: Leveraging SAP data streams and integrations at an enterprise-level enables clients to engage with ESG information at every stage of business strategy and decision-making, to stay ahead of trends and de-risk business operations. 
  • Managing ESG Performance and Reporting: Automating ESG reporting can help clients to align with the most recent policy and regulatory changes in a timely manner; something that will prove essential to offer customers who are faced with multiple new disclosure requirements.
  • Expediting Climate and Decarbonization Plans: Setting net zero targets needs to be followed up with progress benchmarking for the benefit of brand reputation, climate risk mitigation and investment access.
  • Operationalizing Sustainable Supply Chain: For many firms sustainability can be addressed most powerfully within their value chains to help reduce waste and carbon emissions. A tool to target this offers customers in-built sustainability with benefits accrued along the supply chain.
  • Accessing Sustainable Financing: By combining Deloitte’s subject matter expertise, existing tax, finance and compliance advisory services, and SAP’s data analysis capabilities, the solution can identify ways to access capital for clients.


Enhancing integrations and shared capabilities with professional services firms is essential for vendors to elevate their offering. Having implementation consultants and subject matter experts delivers greater value for customers, with faster onboarding and strategy support for adopting net zero goals and targets. Deloitte's $1 billion investment announcement in its Sustainability and Climate practice further demonstrates commitment to providing customers with services for their ESG and climate journeys, while SAP has also doubled down on sustainability with the SAP Cloud For Sustainable Enterprises. The stage is now set for the current suite of tools to be deployed and the  asset roadmap outlines further decarbonization solutions and upgrades for a range of core industry-aligned assets that will support ESG strategies for a combined customer-base.

Guy Lewis


Guy is an analyst in the ESG and Sustainability Practice. Prior to joining Verdantix, he worked at Bulb helping to optimise member experience as part of their renewable energy offering. He gained knowledge in operations and smart technologies. Guy holds a BA in Geography from the University of Manchester, with a placement year at the University of Queensland.