In-person summit

October 25-26, 2022 | Austin, US

Innovating For Safe And Sustainable Operations

Environment, Health & Safety | ESG | Sustainability

EHS and operations functions around the world demonstrated their strategic value during the pandemic. They now face a new focus as CEOs turn their attention to ensuring business resilience in a volatile operating environment, optimizing performance and meeting ESG & Sustainability commitments. This summit will examine the main environmental, health and safety, and sustainability strategic priorities for organizations in 2022 and beyond.

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Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort

The Verdantix summit will be hosted at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort in Austin. Located on 405 acres along the banks of the Colorado River, Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa is the perfect place for a relaxing Texas getaway, 23 miles outside of Austin. Spend some time floating down our lazy river, horseback riding, kayaking the Colorado River, or hiking through the nearby McKinney Roughs Nature Park.


Carla Davis-Madgett

Vice President, Environment, Health & Safety

The Boeing Company

Erik Pham

Director of Environment, Health & Safety

The Boeing Company

Jesse Cerutti

Director, EHS Solutions Lead


Sneha Chanchani

VP, Sustainability


Jasmine Omar

Director of Global Workplace Health and Safety Systems


Nigel Packham

Associate Director, Safety


Idalisse Bernier

Environmental Director


Scott Canonico


PDC Energy

Bill Cole

VP, Safety & Health

RoadSafe Traffic Systems

David Dickson

CSP, Director of HSE


Andrew Dingee


BPX Energy

John Dony

VP, Thought Leadership

National Safety Council

Scott Gerard

VP of Environmental, Health & Safety


Riad Efendi

Global Corporate EHS Manager


Emily Hansroth

Sr. Manager, EHS Common Systems

Lockheed Martin

Don Harris

Director of EH&S Compliance Data Management


Elizabeth Johnson

Director of Environment, Health and Safety

Mitsubishi Power Americas

Nancy Kralik

Sustainability Group Chair


Nick Milillo

Sr. National Director EHS; Enterprise EHS & Environmental Sustainability Lead

Quest Diagnostics

Anthony Panepinto

Senior Director Health, Safety, and Environmental Affairs

Procter & Gamble

Jeremy Presnal

VP EHS & Workforce Development

Shermco Industries

Robert Sheninger



David Walker

Sr. Director of Safety


David Metcalfe



Rodolphe d'Arjuzon

Managing Director


Kim Knickle

Research Director, ESG & Sustainability


Bill Pennington

Research Director, EHS


Sarah Bloch

Manager, Advisory Services


Tom Brown

Industry Analyst


Nathan Goldstein

Senior Analyst


Chris Sayers

Industry Analyst


Connor Taylor

Industry Analyst


Shuba Balasubramanian



Colin Ball

Sales Director Enterprise


Steve Bochanski

Climate Risk Modeling Leader


Roger Bottum

Sr. Vice President of Product


Karl Campbell



John Castner

Group Chief Revenue Officer


Rob Davis

Vice President, Product Management

Wolters Kluwer Enablon

Scott DeBow

Principal of Health/Safety & Environmental


Nick Goodell

Director, Process Improvement


Rajiv Jalim

Solutions Engineering Manager


Jill James

Chief Safety Officer


Sharlene Key

Director, Product Management


Shannon Lardi

Project Manager


Rashmi Mantha

Digital EHS Technical Director


Justin K. McElhattan

Group President, EH&S

Fortive Corporation

Mike Mitchell

Vice President – Digital EHS&S Services


Julian Moffatt

Principal Solutions Strategist, ESG


Gregory Monzo

SVP, Pre-Sales Engineering


Eric Morris

VP of EHS Product Management


Justin Mosquera

ESG Global Business Lead, SVP


Harish Pandian

VP of Product - EHSQ Technology


Amanda Petzinger

Associate VP, Strategic Growth & ESG/Sustainability

Benchmark Digital

Darlene Pope

President, North America


Marie-Josée Privyk

Chief ESG Innovation Officer


David Staples

Senior Solutions Strategist of ESG


Paul Taylor



Phill Welch

General Manager, EHS


Tim Wilson

Solutions Engineer


Carrie Young

Vice President, Strategic Solutions


Mike Zamis

Chief Product Officer



October 25-26, 2022 | Austin, Texas | In-Person Summit

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9:00 CT Day 1 Keynote 45 minutes

Welcome & Keynote

This keynote speech will explore how to build a strong safety culture through collaboration with business partners, innovation and technology.

  • Carla Davis-Madgett, Vice President, Environment, Health & Safety, The Boeing Company
  • Erik Pham, Director of Environment, Health & Safety, The Boeing Company
9:45 CT Day 1 Panel 45 minutes

Redesigning The EHS Organization: New Roles, Responsibilities & Skills

How can businesses maintain a focus on safety in a period defined by supply chain disruption, cost inflation and economic headwinds? This session will consider how EHS leaders can harness technology with proven ROI to maintain and improve safety standards in a volatile operating environment.

  • Bill Pennington, Research Director, EHS, Verdantix
  • Riad Efendi, Global Corporate EHS Manager, TechnipFMC
  • Nick Milillo, Sr. National Director EHS; Enterprise EHS & Environmental Sustainability Lead, Quest Diagnostics
  • Mike Mitchell, Vice President – Digital EHS&S Services, Arcadis
  • Anthony Panepinto, Senior Director Health, Safety, and Environmental Affairs, Procter & Gamble
10:30 CT Day 1 Break 30 minutes

Networking Break

Sponsored by Diligent
11:00 CT Day 1 Panel 45 minutes

Digital Tech To Prevent SIFs: From Artificial Intelligence To Wearables

The impact of COVID-19 has dramatically changed working practices across the globe, with hybrid and remote working, and high levels of employee churn, adding to the challenge for EHS professionals in reaching their goal of zero workplace fatalities and injuries. This session will help safety leaders reboot their SIF programs and learn from experts about new dynamic risk management tools and integrated process safety IT systems.

11:45 CT Day 1 Workshop 45 minutes

Best Practice Workshop

Using Digital Technology To Drive EHS & ESG Culture, Performance & Success

Implementing fit-for-purpose digital technology is critical to the transformation of a company’s EHS programs beyond basic compliance to an embedded culture; a task that is even more important as the EHS function evolves to be tightly integrated with company ESG goals & disclosures. Hear insights and best practices from Jeremy Presnal, VP of EHS & Workforce Development at Shermco Industries, on how technology is transforming Shermco’s EHS culture and setting them on the path for ESG excellence.

About Benchmark ESG
Communicating Corporate Social Sustainability - Why Embracing ESG Metrics Can Help Your Organization Attract New Talent, Manage Change And Engage Employees

More than ever, consumers, employees, and investors are making their decisions based on trust. In fact, the current generation of top talent looks for employers that think and act sustainably for the people and the planet, with 70% saying they are more likely to work for a company with a strong ESG agenda. People want to buy from, work for, and invest in businesses that demonstrate positive impact on people and the planet, in ways that everyone can understand and verify. Join us for a discussion on how leveraging advanced technology can offer you the ability to define your core sustainability metrics, track your progress towards those goals, and foster trust with key stakeholders through enhanced transparency.

About OneTrust
12:30 CT Day 1 Break 60 minutes


Sponsored by ERM
13:30 CT Day 1 Verdantix Insights 15 minutes

Critical Considerations When Buying EHS Software In 2022/23

This session will leverage Verdantix expertise in running dozens of EHS software selection processes for corporates across the world. In this session, we will reflect not only on the buying processes required to select the best-fit vendor but also on the considerations in the buying process to help ensure a successful deployment. We will share and discuss best practices, as well as steps to avoid that may lead to trouble.

13:45 CT Day 1 Trailblazer 20 minutes

Innovation Trailblazer

Join us for a live demonstration where technology suppliers will showcase how digital technologies are helping EHS and ESG & Sustainability leaders overcome challenges, improve efficiencies and achieve their goals.

EHS Software And Employee Training – Creating An Environment For Improved Employee Safety And Retention

ESG and EHS leaders and teams have been brought together more over the last two years than ever before, now having a seat at the table and working more cross-functionally. Companies realize that employees are the cornerstone of any of their efforts. Adopting new technologies is important, but how do companies: ensure employees are trained; prepare across the generations in the workforce; provide ongoing knowledge to workers; employ a growth mindset; and build a culture that leads to safer and smarter employees and improved retention? Topics will include safety management systems, reporting, safety and employee development training, plus leadership, DEI, and mental health learning.

About HSI
Data Remains King: Find Your EHS Gaps To Proactively Manage Risk

Only 32% of data is leveraged by organizations. Are you one of them? In this session with Alcumus VP of Product Harish Pandian, you will learn how to transform the way your organization utilizes its EHS data through exploring the relationship between various data sets to understand gaps in your safety program to gain a holistic view of safety risks across your business.

About Alcumus
14:05 CT Day 1 Workshop 40 minutes

Best Practice Workshop

Closing The ESG Credibility Gap: Building An Investor Grade Implementation Plan

Many companies are making bold ESG commitments yet only a small number are on track to achieve them. This tectonic shift from commitments to coordinated organizational action is driving demand for durable, investor grade implementation plans- specifically, how to best manage a growing ESG credibility gap. In this session, we will leverage a structured reference model to explore and answer the critical questions leaders are asking about how to integrate ESG implementation risk into governance structures, how to define and launch new operational policies and procedures, how to drive consistency in non-financial reporting, how to rethink the corporate level vs. asset owner org design, how to influence organizational change and, importantly, how to develop and communicate an investor grade execution plan.

About ERM
Connected By Risk: How An Integrated Risk Platform Protects Your Enterprise At Three Levels
  • Rob Davis, Vice President, Product Management Wolters Kluwer Enablon

Risks are increasingly interconnected across an organization. Risks to the safety of individuals impact and are impacted by risks to barrier integrity and product and process safety. Risks to a corporation's investment opportunities, compliance levels, and reputation and impacted are impacted by environmental risks and health and safety risks. Attend this session to learn how a holistic approach to integrated risk management using the Enablon Vision platform allows you to protect individuals, products and processes, and your enterprise's reputation and viability. Embracing transparency of data sharing and best practices with a unified platform enables you to become a change agent improving the safety and sustainability culture of your business.

About Wolters Kluwer
14:45 CT Day 1 Panel 45 minutes

Reframing Total Worker Health In The Challenging Post-Covid Workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic has put worker health issues at the top of the priority list. As we emerge from crisis management, EHS leaders need to cope with a vast array of worker health issues, such as mental wellbeing, hybrid working and psychological safety. This session will help attendees understand how to rescope and reprioritize worker health in a changed world challenged by the pandemic and a battle for talent.

15:30 CT Day 1 Break 30 minutes

Networking Break

Sponsored by Diligent
16:00 CT Day 1 Trailblazer 20 minutes

Innovation Trailblazer

Join us for a live demonstration where technology suppliers will showcase how digital technologies are helping EHS and ESG & Sustainability leaders overcome challenges, improve efficiencies and achieve their goals.

Artificial Intelligence: A Competitive Advantage For QHSE Professionals

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an emerging topic in computing, with utility that spans all functions from fraud prevention to autonomous transportation and medicine. This session will cover the various applications of Artificial Intelligence within the QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) functions and specifically outline ComplianceQuest’s implementation of AI to enhance and streamline the core QHSE workflows of incident reporting and incident investigation.

About ComplianceQuest
Powerful ESG Reporting And Advanced Performance Analytics

Measuring, managing, and improving the performance of sustainability data is key to starting ESG reporting and achieving environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. Companies need a transparent, auditable trail of climate-related data to ensure accuracy, consistency, and relevance of reports. Our new Sphera ESG platform will bring all of the existing features of Sphera Cloud together to operationalize ESG Management. Our industry-leading and award-winning Corporate Sustainability software powers the emissions calculations ensuring accuracy, consistency, and relevance of reports. Within the future addition of the PCAF module the financial industry can ensure more transparency into investing and lending activities. The new ESG Platform will help companies approaching sustainability and ESG reporting and successfully improving their performance management as a foundation for implementing a sound sustainability and ESG strategy.

About Sphera
16:20 CT Day 1 Panel 40 minutes

Delivering On The CEO’s Sustainability Strategy: Opportunity And Risk For EHS Leaders

As firms finalize their sustainability strategies, it becomes clear that operational business functions – EHS, engineering, real estate and maintenance – are critical to drive implementation and boost ESG & Sustainability performance. This session will share insights on the role of the EHS function, the need to tie together performance data from multiple existing systems and the evolution in the strategy-to-implementation organizational model.

17:00 CT Day 1 Workshop 15 minutes

Analyst Q&A

Join Verdantix analysts as they answer your key questions.

  • Kim Knickle, Research Director, ESG & Sustainability, Verdantix
17:15 CT Day 1 Close 5 minutes

Day 1 Wrap Up

17:20 CT Day 1 Welcome

Welcome Reception

We invite all attendees to join us as we gather around the fire pit for a welcome drink.

Sponsored by HSI
19:00 CT Day 1 Dinner

Gala Dinner & Innovation Excellence Awards 2022 Ceremony

9:00 CT Day 2 Keynote 35 minutes

EHSG: Redefining EHS In An ESG Focused World

Over the past two years, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) has reverberated through financial markets like a tidal wave. As the ‘new normal’ comes into focus, traditional EHS functions need to evolve to better meet the disclosure requirements of ESG. In this new world, EHS compliance is an important but solitary component in a much broader canvas that includes environmental performance, human capital, community relations and business resilience. Strengthening and broadening EHS programs by leveraging advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, as well as incorporating risk management practices across EHS domains, is essential to ensuring that organizations can better align EHS best practices with ESG performance goals and continue to drive desired financial outcomes.

Sponsored by VelocityEHS
9:35 CT Day 2 Panel 45 minutes

Enterprise Carbon Management: A Leadership Opportunity For EHS Teams

The SEC climate disclosure rule comes into effect on January 1, 2023, requiring publicly traded firms to consolidate enterprise-wide CO2 emissions data across six greenhouse gases and provide quarterly and annual reports to investors. This panel will discuss how, as part of the environmental data management agenda, the EHS function is squarely in the driving seat on carbon emissions, with its plant floor relationships and technical environmental expertise.

10:20 CT Day 2 Trailblazer 20 minutes

Innovation Trailblazer

Join us for a live demonstration where technology suppliers will showcase how digital technologies are helping EHS and ESG & Sustainability leaders overcome challenges, improve efficiencies and achieve their goals.

Optimize Your ESG: Leveraging Technology For Comprehensive ESG Management

Learn how today’s technology solutions can help streamline all four stages of a comprehensive ESG program, for better outcomes with reduced resources and timelines. The session will breakdown how to approach common challenges related to:


  • Strategy Alignment
  • Data Integration and Management
  • Internal KPI, Industry Frameworks, and Disclosure Reporting
  • Stakeholder Engagement


About FigBytes
Unique Risks, Vulnerabilities And Opportunities In The Contingent Labor Workforce
  • Scott DeBow, Principal of Health/Safety & Environmental, Avetta

As organizations and industry continue to show an increasing dependency on the use of contractors and temporary workers as part of their labor strategy, what are the questions we should be asking alongside our quest to build an inclusive workforce, advance intervention strategy for serious injury/fatality risk and innovate towards system solutions that serve to benefit the next generation and transform society?

Join us for this brief discussion where we will discuss these unique risks, vulnerabilities as well as opportunities such as:

  • Today and Tomorrow's Workforce:
    Inclusion strategy based on more than the consensus standards definition
  • Serious Injury/Fatality Intervention
    Addressing physical as well as psychosocial factors in the contingent labor community
  • Systems Solutions
    Established frameworks and harmony with globally recognized sources

We look forward to seeing you there, and trust you will leave this session informed and encouraged in your safety journey!

About Avetta
10:40 CT Day 2 Break 30 minutes

Networking Break

Sponsored by Diligent
11:10 CT Day 2 Workshop 40 minutes

Best Practice Workshop

The Role Of EHS Leaders In Implementing ESG Strategies

Lockheed Martin will present their approach to ESG today. Learn about the current software systems in use and the near-term enhancements to systems and data management to support more robust ESG/SEC disclosures.

GHG Management: What You Need To Know

Many company leaders are setting net-zero emissions goals and creating plans to meet these targets by 2030 and beyond. Net zero is defined as maintaining a balance between the greenhouse gases that are put into the atmosphere and those taken out. Understanding greenhouse gas (GHG) management and emissions reporting is now imperative to the future of business operations.

  • GHG disclosure requirements for the most common ESG reporting frameworks
  • Biogenic Scope 1 CO2 emissions reporting
  • Market-based versus location-based (Scope 2) reporting
  • Absolute versus intensity-based reporting
  • Scope 3 emissions (key topics and challenges)
About VelocityEHS
11:50 CT Day 2 Panel 40 minutes

Ensuring Your EHSQ Data Will Pass The Scrutiny Of Your CFO

Historically, EHS non-compliances have rarely impacted investor sentiment. More recently, sustainability risks have received greater attention. As ESG reporting becomes mandatory, firms will find that investors, lenders and board directors scrutinize a broader range of EHS and sustainability disclosures. This session will explore how technology can support EHS executives in capturing and reporting on EHSQ data and provide best practices for creating a futureproof compliance framework that elevates the EHS function.

12:30 CT Day 2 Break 60 minutes


Sponsored by ERM
13:30 CT Day 2 Analyst Teach-In 15 minutes

10 Technologies With A Rapid Financial Return

13:45 CT Day 2 Panel 45 minutes

The Rise Of Climate Risks: Time To Reframe Environmental Risk Management

Businesses face a significant increase in risks caused by uncontainable wildfires, more intense rainfall, more severe tornadoes and more powerful hurricanes. Natural hazards increasingly knock linear infrastructure out of action, as well as triggering environmental spills and process safety events. This session will discuss the issues caused by more intense natural hazards and provide a framework for developing an upgraded environmental risk management plan that is integral to complying with new SEC requirements.

14:30 CT Day 2 Workshop 40 minutes

Best Practice Workshop

From Client To Colleague - Implementing Software From Customer And Supplier Perspectives

Implementing software can be a very different experience depending on which side of the client/supplier fence you’re sitting on. IsoMetrix Project Manager Shannon Lardi has 20+ years experience in stewarding successful software implementations from both the client and supplier perspectives. Join us as IsoMetrix Group Chief Revenue Officer John Castner interviews her to unpack her experience in rolling out IsoMetrix software during her time working at ExxonMobil, and how that compares to her current project management role at IsoMetrix.

About IsoMetrix
Your Safety Leading Indicator Program Could Be What Your ESG Strategy Is Missing

When we started to become proactive with safety technology 20 years ago, the concept of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) responsibility was not on our mind. In fact, the term ESG was not yet coined. Today companies across a variety of industries are finding meaningful ways to measure and report their ESG compliance and sustainability metrics and performance. This is the perfect opportunity to promote safety observation metrics as one of the more difficult aspects of ESG to measure – a company’s “Handprint”.

The handprint is the impact (positive) a product/service contributes directly or indirectly to society. It describes the contributions that we make – the benefit of our presence. Handprints are harder to measure and fewer benchmarks exist compare performance across companies or industries than the more known term “Footprint”. In short, a footprint is what we take, and a handprint is what we give. When Leading Indicators identify unsafe behaviors and conditions that enable us to avoid near misses, incidents, and injuries they provide a benefit that positively impacts employees, their families, and our communities.

This session will discuss how leading indicators can help with the Safety metrics challenge, particularly in relation to the handprint concept, and offer insights on how to operationalize it within your workplace.

About Intelex
15:10 CT Day 2 Trailblazer 20 minutes

Innovation Trailblazer

Join us for a live demonstration where technology suppliers will showcase how digital technologies are helping EHS and ESG & Sustainability leaders overcome challenges, improve efficiencies and achieve their goals.

How Digitization Will Improve Company ESG Data

The lightspeed evolution of corporate sustainability practices is causing a sea change in how information is collected and used. When combined with the movement to digitize data and disclosures, companies are being disrupted into adopting a data-centric approach. Digitizing data on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) matters enables companies to produce data that is comparable, audited, and digitized, as well as fit-for-purpose sustainability reporting that can power decision-making.

About Novisto
Digital Transformation Of Data And Processes With Connected Worker Apps

It is often observed that existing corporate enterprise systems lack the flexibility and functionalities to address the unique needs of connecting workers, data and processes with mobile-ready solutions while in the field. As a result, organizations resort to manual, inefficient, and error-prone processes, thereby impacting their EHS and operational performance.

Mobile-first apps that connect workers, data and processes together continue to be one of the key focus areas of digital transformation within an organization. According to the “Global Corporate Survey 2022: EHS Budgets, Priorities And Tech Preferences” report published by Verdantix in July, 2022, more than 40% of the surveyed EHS leaders aim to focus on piloting or rolling out mobile apps across their enterprises.

ProcessMAP’s Connected Worker Apps are a comprehensive library of pre-configured, ready-to-deploy and use apps built on ProcessMAP’s Highly Configurable mobile-first platform. Attend this session to learn how Connected Worker Apps can digitize data and processes to empower organizations - large and small - to run faster and smarter.

About ProcessMap
15:30 CT Day 2 Break 20 minutes

Networking Break

Sponsored by Diligent
15:50 CT Day 2 Panel 40 minutes

Next Gen Risk Management: Moving Towards Proactive Safety

The rise of Industry 4.0 has presented EHS professionals with a wealth of real-time data from an ever-growing array of IoT devices. To build a more complete picture of risk and satisfy corporate ESG requirements, firms must integrate data streams that traditionally fall outside the EHS remit. How can different technology solutions help safety leaders develop a complete and dynamic picture of risk?

16:30 CT Day 2 Panel 30 minutes

Getting Value From Cloud EHS Software: Proven Drivers Of Success

As an increasing proportion of firms implement cloud EHS software, it is becoming apparent to users and technology providers that there is often a lot of unrealized business value from failed or incomplete implementations. This session will provide attendees with a walkthrough of the top ten drivers of success, to ensure investments in cloud EHS software deliver maximum value.

17:00 CT Day 2 Q&A 15 minutes

Analyst Q&A

Join Verdantix analysts as they answer your key questions.

17:15 CT Day 2 Close

Summit Wrap Up

Why attend

Enhance your understanding of the main EHS priorities going forward and why they have shifted post COVID
Learn from industry-leading speakers as they share their experience for transforming business strategies with technology
Challenge your current way of thinking and join the discussion on redesigning the EHS organization
Network with like-minded change makers and spark new ideas for EHS leaders who are shaping the future of the EHS function
Evaluate the latest innovative products, guide your technology buying and optimize decision making
Apply your learnings within your organization, from designing an RFP to presenting to the board, with real-life success stories
Futureproof your business strategies with annual access to Verdantix research for 12 months included with your ticket (worth $800)