In-person summit | UK — June, 6–7

Verdantix EHS Summit EMEA:
EHS Resilience In The Age Of ESG

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Today, businesses are facing a combination of increased volatility, budgetary pressures, climate risk and the challenge of meeting ambitious ESG and net zero goals. Building on the vital role played by EHS functions in helping their businesses navigate the pandemic, those same teams will now be expected to take a lead in ensuring corporate resilience as their firms transition to a harsher and more tumultuous operating environment. As a result, they are setting new priorities, redefining their strategies and developing new ways of influencing their businesses.

While the increased focus on sustainability offers the opportunity to continue to increase the visibility, resourcing and remits of EHS teams, it also has the potential to pull resources from the core task of ensuring worker safety. In a new world of unknowns and increasing operational scrutiny, EHS executives must evaluate and balance competing demands if they are to effectively meet the demands of their stakeholders.

This summit will provide EHS leaders with an understanding of the new priority areas for EHS functions, share insights into how firms are responding to these trends, and provide actionable guidance on how technology can enable you to design and manage a function that is fit for the future.

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Carla Davis-Madgett

Former VP of Health & Safety, Boeing and Former GM, Shell

Carlos Gallego

Workplace Health and Safety Lead


Ruth Denyer



Alex Hammonds

Global EHS Director


Diane Chadwick-Jones

Former Head of Human Performance


Krishnen Mootien

Global Health & Safety Director


Gary Booton

Global Head of Health, Safety & Environment

Hitachi Rail

Velma Baptiste-Destouche

Vice President of Health and Safety


David Clark

Global Head of HSSE

Worldwide Flight Services (WFS)

Ben Clifford

Global Health, Safety and Sustainability Director

Fidelity International

Callum Irvine

VP Global Safety & Security

IHG Hotels

Katie Kemp

EHS Compliance & Digital Leader EMEA

Tate & Lyle

Steve Dyson

Group Head of HSS (VP)


Riad Efendi

Global EHS Manager


James Pomeroy

Director I Global Health and Safety Leader


Pam Sherwood

Loss Control Specialist/Health & Safety Construction Specialist


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June 6–7, 2023 | In-Person Summit

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08:30 - 09:00 Break

Networking & Coffee

09:00 - 09:10 Verdantix Welcome

Summit Overview & Welcome

09:10 - 09:30 Keynote


Our keynote speaker will share with you their insights and expertise into how they are building a strong and stable safety culture through collaboration with business partners, innovation and technology, and transforming the ESG agenda into opportunity.

09:30 - 10:15 Panel

Developing A 2025 Vision For Your EHS Function

The EHS function has seen a growing amount of responsibility, visibility and expectations on the back of global disruptions and increasing legislation. EHS functions need to look to the future to understand what technologies, processes and strategies to prioritize to create a strong programme. Drawing on leading experts from a range of sectors, this panel will debate the medium to long-term future of the EHS function, answering key questions such as

Learning outcomes:

  • How are priorities changing for the EHS function over the next two years?
  • How can EHS professionals better prepare themselves and their teams for these new priorities?
  • How will technology support EHS professionals accomplishing their goals?
10:20 - 10:40 Trailblazer

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10:45 - 11:05 Trailblazer

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11:05 - 11:20 Break

Networking & Coffee

11:20 - 12:00 Panel

Boosting EHS Efficiency: Process, People And Technology

This panel will address the challenges posed by budget rationalization and the broader impact of the recession on workplace safety. The latest Verdantix survey has highlighted a slowly growing EHS budget landscape. This coupled with rising inflation and economic pressures will force EHS functions to become more efficient to support EHS and organizational needs.

Learning outcomes:

  • How can EHS functions achieve excellence through optimizing processes.
  • How better engagement of workers can lead to better EHS outcomes.
  • Where technology can support a firm’s movement towards EHS efficiency.
  • How efficient EHS functions can lead to better operational resiliency.
12:00 - 12:40 Panel

Proof Points For The Value Of Total Worker Health Strategies

In a period of labour shortages creating a resilient and stable workforce is more important than ever before, and the appropriate and proper recording and managing of workers’ conditions ensure that workforces are working efficiently and productively. The EHS function is increasingly recognizing the value of supporting worker well-being. In the latest Verdantix survey of 302 EHS professionals, 66% of respondents played a key role in the development of worker well-being and mental health strategies. This session will highlight the value of transitioning historical views on worker safety to a broader total worker health strategy.

Learning outcomes:

  • How does total worker health differ from historical views on worker safety?
  • What are the biggest negative impacts of poor worker well-being?
  • How EHS functions benefit from implementing total worker health strategies.
  • How innovative technology is enabling better total worker health.
12:45 - 13:15 Workshop

Best Practices Workshops

Workshop 1
Workshop 2
13:15 - 14:15 Break

Networking & Coffee

14:15 - 14:25 Verdantix Welcome

Morning Overview & Welcome Back

14:25 - 14:45 Verdantix Workshop

Best Practices For EHS Digital Strategy & Technology Selection

This session will leverage Verdantix expertise in running dozens of EHS software selection processes for corporates across the world. In this session, we will discuss how buying processes can be managed to ensure high-impact returns, and how to manage post-purchase programmes for effective deployment. We will share and discuss best practices, as well as steps to avoid that may lead to delays and reduced business value.

14:45 - 15:30 Panel

Next Gen Risk Management: Moving Towards Proactive Safety

Firms are seeking to go beyond meeting regulatory requirements by leveraging technological advances to identify, predict and eliminate risks before they materialize as incidents. 43% of the 302 EHS leaders in the latest Verdantix survey stated that the increased use of real-time data to improve risk management was a high priority for their firm. This session will explore how firms are looking to leverage new streams of data and leading indicators to identify and manage risk more proactively.

Learning outcomes:

  • What types of new data streams are being collected for proactive safety.
  • What types of new technologies and innovations are allowing for better visibility into risk?
  • What are best practices towards building a foundation for proactive risk management?
15:35 - 16:05 Workshop

Best Practices Workshops

Workshop 3
Workshop 4
15:40 - 16:00 Break

Networking & Coffee

16:00 - 16:40 Panel

Frontline Workers: Innovative Ideas To Boost Safety Engagement

The growing prominence of sophisticated software solutions and real-time IoT devices is making the idea of highly interconnected operating platforms a practical reality. One key enabler of this boom in technology is the enablement of impactful engagement with frontline workers. Firms are increasingly chasing the ever-elusive safety culture which supports better EHS metrics. This session will explore innovative solutions to help boost safety engagement among frontline workers.

Learning outcomes:

  • How engagement of frontline workers can enhance safety outcomes.
  • Practical means of communication and engagement with frontline workers.
  • How technology can help build engagement and safety culture among workers.
17:25 - 17:30 Verdantix Roundup

Day One Summary & Thank You

09:00 - 10:00 Break

Networking & Coffee

10:00 - 10:10 Verdantix Welcome

Summit Overview & Welcome

10:10 - 10:40 Keynote


Our keynote speaker will share with you their insights and expertise into how they are building a strong and stable safety culture through collaboration with business partners, innovation and technology, and transforming the ESG agenda into opportunity.

10:40 - 11:25 Panel

Strengthening EHS Governance: Building Bridges With The CFO, COO and CSO

The changes brought about by Covid-19 and the ever-increasing requirements of ESG disclosures are fundamentally changing the role of EHS leaders, creating more touchpoints and dependencies with other corporate functions. 80% of the 302 EHS leaders in the latest Verdantix survey state they are key decision makers or owners of ESG strategy in their firm. This session highlights increased visibility into stakeholder landscape for EHS professionals and discusses the opportunities for creating an EHS hub which delivers impact across the organization.

Learning outcomes:

  • What are the key EHS-related touch points now in focus for executives?
  • What opportunities, and risks, EHS professionals face with increased exposure to executive functions.
  • How EHS functions can help create strong ESG strategies.
11:30 - 12:00 Workshop

Best Practices Workshop

Workshop 5
Workshop 6
12:05 - 12:25 Trailblazer

Innovation Trailblazer

Session 5
Session 6
12:25 - 13:25 Break

Networking & Coffee

13:25 - 13:35 Verdantix Welcome

Morning Overview & Welcome Back

13:35 - 14:20 Panel

Upgrade EHS Data Quality To Prepare For Financial ESG Scrutiny

As ESG reporting becomes mandatory, firms will find that investors, lenders and board directors scrutinize a broader range of EHS and sustainability disclosures. This session will explore how technology can support EHS executives in capturing and reporting on EHSQ data that is trustworthy and provide best practices for creating a futureproof compliance framework that elevates the EHS function.

Learning outcomes:

  • What type of requirements will EHS data undergo to meet extensive financial scrutiny?
  • How can EHS functions build a strong data foundation to support financial ESG scrutiny?
  • What type of solutions exist to support firms in their data collection, management and reporting?
14:25 - 14:55 Workshop

Best Practices Workshops

Workshop 7
Workshop 8
15:00 - 15:20 Break

Networking & Coffee

15:20 - 16:05 Panel

Carbon Management And Climate Risk: A Leadership Opportunity For EHS

According to data from World Economic Forum, environmentally related failures and disasters ranked within the top 5 concerns for both short term (2 years) and long term (10 years). Natural hazards increasingly knock linear infrastructure out of action, as well as triggering environmental spills and process safety events. As corporate leaders move from discussing long-term climate goals to mitigating the impact of extreme weather events, this session will discuss the issues caused by more intense natural hazards and provide a framework for developing an upgraded environmental risk management plan.

16:05 - 16:40 Verdantix Workshop

Future-Proofing EHS With New Digital Solutions: Five Breakthrough Technologies

In a fast-paced operating environment, EHS leaders need to anticipate the changes that will impact their business operations and safety culture. This session will explore five new technology trends that will allow you to operate at scale, faster and with fewer resources, whilst providing an optimal experience for your stakeholders.

16:40 - 16:50 Verdantix Roundup

Day Two Summary & Upcoming Events

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Verdantix EHS Innovation Excellence Awards EMEA 2023

Recognizing outstanding achievements in the field of EHS, Sustainability & Operational Excellence

The Verdantix EHS Innovation Excellence Awards EMEA recognize the people and organizations who are instrumental in implementing innovative strategies, technologies and projects that improve processes, management, reporting and outcomes. By identifying and sharing best practices, we aim to help EHS, ESG, Sustainability and Operations professionals lower incident rates, reduce maintenance downtime, maintain environmental compliance and enhance operational safety.

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