Using IWMS Solutions To Make Lease Accounting Changes Easy

The impending FASB / IASB changes to bring all leases on balance sheet and facilitate comparison between companies is causing a headache for real estate directors, managers and their finance counterparts. The 2019 deadline is putting pressure on firms holding large numbers of property leases and leased assets, such as retail, leisure and travel firms to take action. A multitude of software vendors are trying to tackle this challenge for the customers. While there is a lot of noise in the market, there is a lack of clarity about which solutions will actually save time and pain. This webinar will share the results of Verdantix research and analysis on IWMS and specialist solutions from vendors such as ARCHIBUS, Accruent, Axxerion, LeaseQuery, Lucernex, Planon, ProLease, Qube Global and Trimble. The webinar will also shed light on the five key points buyers should look for in a solution.