Who has been Investing in Building Energy Management Software?

If you are a building energy management software provider, reseller or someone looking to invest in a solution, you have probably wondered which industry segments are investing in software. There is a lot of talk around the benefits of building energy management software for the retail sector. This is rightfully so, with large energy expenses and tight margins – finding cost savings wherever they can is imperative. But, don’t overlook other segments: when Verdantix looks across the data collected in the 2015 Green Quadrant Building Energy Management Software Global, business services firms come out as being the largest customer segment accounting for 13% of energy management software clients.

This is not that surprising. Our research has highlighted a growing trend of software firms selling directly to energy services firms – firms that fit within the business services category. We see a transition away from the standalone software firms going after end use clients on their own towards a partnership approach. Firms are increasingly looking to partner with energy services firms such as Schneider Electric or towards facility managers, such as Carillion and utilities, such as EDF, in order to decrease the cost of customer acquisition while increasing the number of buildings monitored.

Shifting from an end-customer focus to a partnership focus will impact the market size and growth for software-only firms. To understand how, be sure to read the forthcoming Verdantix report – Verdantix Building Energy Management Software Market Size And Forecast 2015.

Breakdown of Building Energy Management Software