Verdantix Benchmark Highlights Nine Prominent Vendors In The Digital EHS Services Market

The latest iteration of Verdantix’s benchmark of Digital EHS Services has been released after a six-month intensive research process. This report provides a detailed, fact-based comparison of the nine most advanced digital EHS service providers among capabilities across 19 unique service lines covering two distinct segments: digitally-enabled EHS services and technology implementation services. To deepen the insights determined from the analysis, Verdantix completed a two-hour interview with executives and practice leaders at each vendor, vendor completed to a 100-point questionnaire, and data from a survey of 301 EHS decision-makers on EHS service trends was compiled. How is the digital EHS service market shaping up and what does this mean for customers?

Based on the analysis, five firms — ARCADIS, AECOM, ERM, Golder and Jacobs — have emerged as the leaders in the market, whilst the other vendors have demonstrated strong capabilities in specific areas, such as air quality services, digital safety training, and IoT sensor implementation. DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS), Langan, Ramboll and Trinity Consultants all were featured in the analysis as well and have embraced digitisation to separate themselves among the rest of providers within the market. All of the participants have bought into the benefit that digital technology can bring to their service lines to the tune of cost savings, lower project risks and better deliverables. 

EHS service providers are using a variety of new technologies, like UAV’s, wearable technology and IoT sensors to enhance their service offerings. While technology use among the top vendors is beginning to normalize, cutting-edge data analytics and visualisation technology is the new digital differentiator for these firms. Vendors, like Jacobs, are beginning to use digital twin technology to provide better project design and visualisation to gain an edge in its projects. The fact these leading firms are investing so purposefully, and the pace of development in how to use these technologies (drones are no longer just used for inspections – there are now a dozen use cases) means all EHS service providers will need to step up their games as their competitive positions gradually erode. 

Ultimately there can be no denying this market transformation: customers are increasingly looking to work with consultants to support their firms own digital journey with 73% of 301 surveyed EHS decision-makers stating the importance of this criteria in selecting a provider. Smart buyers should evaluate how consultants are innovating and which consultants can best fit their digital strategy and technology implementation requirements. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the digital EHS services market and the top market leaders, please join the upcoming webinar on the December 3rd, 2020.

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Bill Pennington

Research Director, Environment, Health & Safety, Verdantix

Bill leads the Verdantix Environment, Health & Safety practice. His current agenda focuses on EHS and sustainability services, product stewardship as well as benchmarking EHS technology buyer’s budgets, priorities and preferences globally. Bill comes from a background of corporate EHS roles in the manufacturing and logistics industries. He holds an MBS degree in sustainability from the Rutgers University.