VelocityEHS Powers Up Its Chemical Safety and Regulatory Compliance Solution By Acquiring ChemTel Emergency Response Services

On April 9, 2019, VelocityEHS, a cloud-based EHS and sustainability software provider, announced its acquisition of ChemTel Inc., a hazardous chemical transportation safety and compliance service provider. Founded in 1989, ChemTel was one of the few federally-recognized Emergency Response Communication Call Centers and specialized in 24/7 emergency communication services, incident mitigation assistance and regulatory compliance for industries that shipped or used hazardous materials in their operations. ChemTel also had expanded into SDS (Safety Data Sheet) management and authoring. ChemTel will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of VelocityEHS from its current Florida location. Commercial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

This acquisition strengthens VelocityEHS’s chemical and SDS management platform by incorporating ChemTel’s emergency response operations centre and hazardous materials transportation consulting services. ChemTel’s team of experts will provide VelocityEHS’s 15,000+ customers with expanded capabilities around chemical transportation and incident mitigation compliance requirements. VelocityEHS is working to build a diversified and comprehensive solution for chemical and SDS management beyond database management. Verdantix research has shown that comprehensive chemical management software providers with robust service offerings position themselves as leaders in the chemical compliance software market.

In July 2018, VelocityEHS acquired Humantech, a Software-as-a-Service ergonomic solution provider, to address and manage a broad range of ergonomic risks. Coupled with the ChemTel acquisition, VelocityEHS demonstrates its active push to become a leading provider of full-suite EHS and sustainability solutions. This growth strategy and focus on developing its core capabilities helped VelocityEHS achieve its position in the Leadership quadrant of the recent Verdantix 2019 Green Quadrant EHS Software report. 

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