VelocityEHS Hits Nail on the Head with its Mobile Solution to Improve Chemical Management with Offline SDS Access

Native mobile apps for EH&S management are both a good idea and a huge pain point. The prize is worth fighting for: once fully adopted it can facilitate interactions with the EH&S system leading to streamlined audits, faster incident management and better recording of near-misses, which all contribute towards improving a firm’s safety performance.

Verdantix analysis strongly suggests that software vendors will struggle to be competitive in the marketplace by only providing basic EH&S mobile apps. Offline access is now a must have: for example offline access to safety data sheets (SDSs) improves safety and also worker productivity. Indeed offline functionality for EH&S mobile apps is ranked as one of the most important features according to data from the Verdantix Global EH&S Leaders Survey 2015.

Therefore Verdantix was keen to review EH&S software vendor VelocityEHS’s newly launched mobile app, eBinder to provide workers with access to SDSs offline. Users can search for SDSs to provide access to safety and chemical hazard information on the fly. Any SDSs available on the desktop system can be downloaded and viewed offline – in essence eBinder aims to become the Spotify of hazmat management. eBinder supplements VelocityEHS’s existing native Chemical Inventory Scanner app – targeted at EH&S professionals for chemicals inventory management. All contracted VelocityEHS customers now have free access to eBinder.

VelocityEHS hits the nail on the head with its ambition to get new user groups to use this app. For example contractors and any other first responders beyond the EH&S function, can utilize eBinder to check chemical handling and storage steps on the job floor and review emergency response procedures because that’s the kind of level of adoption – outside the EH&S teams – that drives better safety performances.

Verdantix expects plenty of new product announcements this year after all the private equity investments in the leading vendors in 2015. This is good news for customers, but we anticipate that the knock on consequence will be on how to drive large scale adoption of these solutions most cost effectively.

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