Remote Monitoring Technology: Managing Buildings During The COVID-19 Shutdown

Following government travel bans and restrictions on social interactions as part of COVID-19 containment, a growing number of commercial buildings will sit empty in the coming weeks. Firms such as Facebook and KKR have already closed offices, coworking firm Convene is temporarily shutting some sites, while Hilton plans to close hotels across major cities.

As COVID-19 containment accelerates, facility managers and landlords need to rapidly assemble strategies to manage their empty buildings and ensure they are ready for staff or customers as soon as they return. Facility executives need to manage the top risks that unoccupied buildings face such as water leaks, theft, vandalism and fire. They must also minimize the energy consumption of assets such as HVAC and lighting while maintaining power to critical systems such as fire, security or data centres.

Managing buildings during the COVID-19 shutdown or other emergencies is a further use case for remote management technology. In the smart building world, remote management is a high-value technology that enables off-site engineers to monitor, optimize and fix assets often through a cloud-connected building management system (BMS). New generations of remote management technology also enable off-site teams to get alerts on water leaks from sensor data or security risks through video analytics. Firms have primarily deployed these solutions to drive labour efficiencies, but they are also valuable tools for managing buildings during an emergency.

In the future, we anticipate the renewed focus on building resiliency following COVID-19 will further strengthen the business case for remote management solutions. In a separate blog, Verdantix reviews the role of visitor management software in managing the COVID-19 outbreak. Read our blog here: Visitor Management Systems Play Vital Role In Stemming Covid-19 Spread.

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