ProcessMAP Konnect User Conference Demonstrates Customer Focus And Presents Future Product Vision

EHSQ software vendor ProcessMAP held its annual ProcessMAP Konnect User Conference on May 20-22, in Florida. The event brought together new and existing customers, individual users, partner firms and speakers from across the US and several other countries. As a conference participant, Verdantix had a front row seat to see ProcessMAP’s approach towards co-innovating with customers, improving its software platform and planning for the future.

Kicking off the conference, Todd Jones, EVP of Customer Success, posed the question, “How can we improve in 2019?” During the subsequent two days, ProcessMAP demonstrated its focus on customer needs and requests. Through interactive learning sessions, product demos, interactive poll questions and one-on-one conversations, ProcessMAP employees regularly sought users’ ideas and actively listened to their input.

ProcessMAP also shared how it is aggregating customer-specific data across users to identify trends in EHS incidents, help benchmark safety performance by industry, and better understand how firms are using software modules and which EHSQ criteria they are employing. For example, Dave Rath, CEO, and Harold Gubnitsky, President and Chief Strategy Officer, shared a graphic showing the progressive decline in customers’ average OSHA Recordable Incident Rates, from over 2.5 in early 2017 to just under 1.0 in late 2018.

Another theme of the conference was sharing the software’s current capabilities and where product development is heading. Tina Duffy, VP of Product Management, highlighted the continuous improvements being made to the company’s EHSQ solutions, throughout the 3 days of ProcessMAP Konnect. For example, the vendor continues to enhance its capabilities to interface with IoT (Internet of Things) devices, support connected worker use cases, and utilize third-party content for specific regulatory topics. In addition, ProcessMAP is deepening its tools for customers’ intersecting business functions, such as operational risk, operational excellence, vendor management, fleet management, and facility management. ProcessMAP also has developed a Resource Library, which is available through the software platform and provides content and best practices for customers to enhance their internal EHSQ activities.

The vendor made two significant announcements at ProcessMAP Konnect regarding its software’s improved user interface and a partnership with IBM. Dave Rath and Harold Gubnitsky stated that a new and improved user interface—across both the desktop and mobile versions of the software—would be launched in August 2019 and introduced as version 19.2. The UI will feature a better organized landing page, clearly defined icons for platform modules that will be grouped by colour, and easier-to-navigate pathways for frontline workers to enter incidents and observations data and for EHS teams to analyse the assembled data. In addition, IBM and ProcessMAP announced a joint initiative to develop IoT-enabled solutions for monitoring workers in hazardous environments, including wearable devices and sensors on equipment and in facilities, along with analytical tools to analyse the collected data and identify safety hazards.

As a final theme of ProcessMAP Konnect, the vendor highlighted the continued enhancement of its mobile apps. Specifically, the vendor has opted to build various apps, each of which is designed for a specific EHSQ activity area—such as confined space assessment, lockout/tagout audit, PPE hazard assessment, job safety analysis, contractor safety review, office ergonomic assessment and security incidents. Mobile apps also are another means of connecting customer input and broadening the overall software platform. Users can use ProcessMAP’s AppBuilder to create their own tools and meet their unique software needs. In turn, customers can share their custom apps with one another via the platform, enabling the crowdsourcing of software innovation. Furthermore, Dave Rath and Harold Gubnitsky announced the creation of a new Customer Council devoted to mobile apps—helping the vendor prioritise and design new apps. As a wrap up, the vendor announced that, in addition to the annual global ProcessMAP Konnect User Conference, there also will be several “Best Practices” conferences throughout 2019-2020, across different regions of the US and focused on plant/facility-level EHS stakeholders.