Planon’s Workplace Apps Enable Facility Managers To Put In Place New Lines Of Defence Against COVID-19

With governments across Europe and the US starting to discuss ways to restart economies, facility executives need to take action now to prepare workplaces for reopening during a pandemic. Most facility managers are looking to put in place new lines of defence that will help keep workers safe such as more cleaning, workplace social distancing, employee health monitoring and visitor health screening. To help firms adapt key facility processes, CAFM, CMMS and IWMS vendors have been launching new COVID-19 extensions and tools for existing and new customers.

In April 2020, Planon launched a set of 40 configurations for its IWMS platform to help its customers get their workplaces ready for staff to return safely when lockdowns come to an end. Customers can update their visitor management processes in Planon to include health screening questionnaires, touchless check-ins via QR codes and workflows that spread out guest arrival times to support social distancing. Firms can also configure their IWMS to support a lower density workplace by reducing the number of bookable desks and alerting managers when occupancy levels exceed pre-set thresholds. In addition, customers can configure the IWMS to run surveys with homeworkers to capture their requirements for new IT. Planon estimates customers can apply these configurations to their IWMS within a few days or work with an external IT consultant.

Verdantix finds these new COVID-19 configurations will be welcome updates for Planon customers that are gearing up for a new era in facilities management. Real estate executives have told us they believe social distancing will be necessary in the workplace until a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available. In China, where offices are have already reopened, firms such as Baidu, Microsoft, Oppo and Tencent are running workplaces at half occupancy, with more intensive cleaning and greater employee health surveillance. To gain further insights on how to get your building and workers ready for the return to work, look out for our upcoming report, Twelve Critical Actions To Take For Returning To Work Post COVID-19.

SB Planons Workplace Apps Enable Facility Managers To Put In Place New Lines Of Defence Against COVID 19 Verdantix Blog