OneTrust Acquires Planetly To Expand Its ESG And Ethics Solution Offering 

Technology platform OneTrust has announced the acquisition of Planetly- a carbon footprint software provider- to add carbon measurement, accounting analysis and emission reduction expertise to OneTrust’s ESG solution. The acquisition reflects the growing demand for digital services covering the wide scope of ESG, from privacy, security, and data governance to the implementation of net-zero strategies.

Headquartered in Berlin, Planetly provides an automated process for carbon footprint tracking, designing firms' roadmap for carbon emissions reduction while building stakeholders’ trust. Planetly’s experience across industries – including e-commerce, logistics and technology – and leading frameworks and standards – such as CDP and SBTI – contributes to OneTrust implementation of ESG solutions with real-time carbon footprint analysis and sustainability research, helping clients follow global frameworks and reporting. The deal is a strategic move for OneTrust, which will incorporate Planetly expertise to reinforce science-based targets and solutions while empowering clients’ accountability of sustainability programs. As a result, OneTrust believes that Planetly will make easier the integration of environmental data to their ESG and ethics procedures, helping the design of ESG commitments and the progress of interrelated goals.

The acquisition is understood in a context dominated by a growing complexity of regulatory standards and stakeholders' pressure for environmentally friendly initiatives. These two drivers strengthen the link between financial and ESG performance, increasing the demand for technological tools that provide accurate data on firms’ sustainability impact and performance. Firms seek digital solutions to face ESG data difficulties and enable a balance between transparency and confidentiality, meeting regulatory obligations while also ensuring privacy and competitiveness. Expecting an evolution of ESG regulation, firms need innovative solutions that offer a holistic view of their sustainability impact. Data obtained will be used not only to meet disclosure requirements but also to develop innovative opportunities and further insights on the efficiency of net-zero programs. For that, following OneTrust and Planetly strategic move, competitors will try to replicate the strategy to offer customers comprehensive data and sustainability analysis, positioning ESG as a key asset for disclosure, financial performance, and innovation.

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ESG OneTrust Acquires Planetly To Expand Its ESG And Ethics Solution Offering

Elisa Molero

Analyst, Verdantix

Elisa Molero is a research analyst specialised in ESG & Sustainability. Her background is in Economics (BSc University of Navarra). She holds a minor in leadership and governance. Prior to joining Verdantix she completed a Master’s degree in Global Politics with Distinction at the London School of Economics and Political Science.