Nemetschek Group Furthers Its Ambitious Play For Leadership Position In The Smart Building Market With The Launch Of Spacewell

On February 13, 2019, building software vendor Nemetschek Group announced it is rebranding its Maintain and Operate division to Spacewell. The Spacewell brand will bring together all of Nemetschek’s software products and services that support the management of workplaces and operational buildings. Currently this includes four software products: the COBUNDU smart building platform, the MCS IWMS platform, the Axxerion property management solution and the O-Prognose product for long-term maintenance planning. Spacewell’s plan is for these software products to keep their own identities, but over time there will be greater convergence of user interfaces and the development of software connectors so customers can use multiple solutions together.

The Nemetschek Group entered the Maintain and Operate market just six months ago but is already making an aggressive play for a top-three market position. In August 2018, it acquired prominent IWMS vendor MCS Solutions which had 250 staff and 850 large enterprise customers. MCS Solutions then went on to acquire Axxerion, which had over 2,000 clients across Northern Europe and the US, including clients from its merger with Plandatis. The Spacewell branding represents a further step in the Nemetschek Group’s push for leadership position by bringing more cohesion to its growing product suite. Competing vendors that have also been rapidly building scale via acquisitions include Accruent, Addnode Group and Trimble.

Verdantix finds that the rebranding is timely: Spacewell brings greater visibility to MCS Solutions’ existing focus on providing software that helps firms to optimize space and user experience of buildings. These are two of the hottest themes in the smart building market at present. We note that in July 2018, RedstoneConnect changed its name to SmartSpace Software to reflect its greater strategic focus on providing software to optimize space in commercial buildings. The next step is for Spacewell is to establish its new brand within the building occupier market. Verdantix brand perception data shows vendors need to work hard at educating buyers for at least one year after introducing a new brand name.

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