KMI-MSDSonline Rebrand as VelocityEHS

MSDSonline rebrands as VelocityEHS to clarify its position in the EH&S market.

On Monday 28th September, 2015 the EH&S software and chemicals management firm MSDSonline, and its subsidiary KMI, rebranded as VelocityEHS.

The firm, backed by venture capitalist Actua, is looking to capitalize on strong forecast growth in the EH&S software market, which Verdantix see growing annually at 15% from 2014 to 2019. Following MSDSonline’s acquisition of KMI in August 2014, rebranding as VelocityEHS makes sense, as the firm looks to highlight its broader expertise in EH&S, beyond MSDSonline’s heritage in chemicals and safety data sheet (SDS) management.

The rebrand also reflects closer integration between the original MSDSonline and KMI platforms. KMI’s broad EH&S software functionality, ranging from air emissions management to job hazard analysis, provides the backbone of the VelocityEHS platform, with MSDSonline in essence providing the suite of chemicals management tools.

In our last benchmark of EH&S software suppliers Verdantix found the majority of vendors lacked strong capabilities for both chemicals and hazardous waste management. This stands VelocityEHS in good stead as customers increasingly look to manage their entire EH&S needs from a single platform.

The MSDSonline brand name will still be retained as the product brand for chemicals management, so as not to alienate its installed base of over 11,000 customers using the solution for SDS and hazcom management.

How will the rebrand help VelocityEHS gain momentum in a market where even the most established firms struggle to achieve high brand awareness among EH&S professionals? According to the Verdantix Global EH&S Survey 2015, no-one outside SAP, Enablon and IHS registered brand awareness levels above 50%.

By using EHS in its name, VelocityEHS is looking to replicate the success MSDSonline had in the SDS market. It couldn’t be clearer, even to EH&S professionals whose first language isn’t English, what the firm is all about.

While the rebrand is certainly a signal of intent, VelocityEHS faces stiff competition to grow its share of the EH&S software market with multiple successful rounds of investments swelling development, sales and marketing budgets.