How Can Space Management Data Support Social Distancing In Offices To Combat COVID-19?

Previously the main use case of space management data was to identify chronically underutilized space, track capacity during hiring sprees and following M&A, as well as support the move to agile offices. But with the outbreak of COVID-19, millions of office workers around the globe are having to work from home, so optimizing space usage is, at least right now, not the priority. In this new reality, there are new use cases for space utilization monitoring that smart building software vendors and corporate heads of real estate and facilities management should consider.

How can space management data add value during the COVID-19 crisis? Locatee has revealed how one of their clients’ facility management team are informing its canteen staff of how many workers to expect for lunch and advising such workers when to visit the space to avoid crowding. Verdantix also heard from a North American security solutions firm that they are exploring how to use space management software to track where occupants are in a building, in order to more precisely shut down the parts of a building where an infected person has been.

During these extraordinary times, corporate buyers are unlikely to have much appetite for deploying new solutions from scratch. They will instead leverage existing data systems in place to manage and mitigate risks around COVID-19. Aside from the above, how will corporates leverage space management data to futureproof their offices going forward? Other possible use cases could involve redesigning offices with greater distances between every workstation. Another could be to closely monitor room bookings to ensure too many individuals are not scheduled to attend, so there is enough space for social distancing during the meeting. This will be particularly applicable in hospitals, for instance.

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