Firms Must Broaden The Horizons Of Their Energy Management Strategies In An Era Of Smart Buildings

Improving energy management has been a long-running objective for facility executives. Most firms have been running strategies focused on driving energy efficiency and reducing energy spend, witness the 90% of firms in our global smart building technology survey aiming to reduce their utility bills in 2020. The majority of firms have run programmes focused on rapid paybacks projects such as LED lighting, lighting controls and boiler controls. For example, McDonald's is making investments in energy efficient kitchen equipment and LED lighting the focal point of its energy reduction programme. While hotel chains DoubleTree by Hilton and the Premier Inn having been installing LEDs to reduce energy usage.

But today, firms are realizing that energy programmes focused narrowly on driving energy efficiency misses a lot of the potential value and risk management from a broad view of energy management. As such facility executives are starting to expand the horizons of their energy programmes to support a better workplace experience, improve resiliency and enhance asset management. The rapid rise of workplace experience up the real estate agenda has been an important trigger for executives to broaden their thinking and prioritize comfort within energy management.

As corporate facilities executives look to expand the ambition of their energy programmes, they should start by looking to the retail sector to learn what’s possible. The retail industry has long been highly engaged with energy management given razor thin margins and a high count of energy-intensive assets per site. There are ample examples of retailers successfully implementing facilities optimization projects that have an impact across multiple areas, including better food safety, capital deferral, lower energy and maintenance spend, and customer experience. For example, Sainsbury’s is using Accruent’s ‘vx Observe’ IoT platform so its facilities team can get a continuous view of the condition of refrigeration and HVAC assets to inform predictive maintenance and energy efficiency improvements.

To learn more about the latest best practices in energy management, facility and energy executives should listen to our upcoming webinar New Frontiers For Energy Management In Smart Buildings. It will provide insights on how to refresh your energy management strategy and key technologies you should consider on your future roadmap.

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