Endevor’s End-To-End Technology Solution Fuses Deep Power Generation Expertise With Broad Asset Optimization Functionality

Adoption of asset management technologies has been growing substantially, even outside the traditional high-risk asset-heavy industries. Even so, heavily regulated industries, such as the power generation and T&D sectors, usually comprise less digitally mature organizations with a more reluctant approach to digital transformation. For such organizations, there are additional and deeply rooted barriers that need to be overcome to implement technology, such as change management of decade-long ingrained routines, regulatory limitations and heavily constrained budgets.

Considering the complex landscape of asset management technologies, organizations in heavily regulated industries should look to work with a provider that has the industry-specific subject matter expertise, understands the nuances of the regulatory frameworks and processes, and offers a comprehensive turnkey solution.

Endevor, headquartered in Delaware USA is a software and services provider of asset management technology. Endevor has been solving a wide range of asset-related challenges through its flagship ENGAGE: Asset Optimization software product suite for customers particularly in the nuclear industry.

Endevor’s ENGAGE covers all aspects of asset maintenance optimization, from asset health monitoring and predictive maintenance analytics to work planning and execution, along with project management, operations and maintenance budget tracking to strategic long-term financial planning and forecasting. Endevor recognizes the importance of end-user-engagement in driving a successful technology implementation and has designed the software so that it can integrate to the customer’s current process workflows with minimal configuration required.

Endevor is very well positioned to support the asset management technology journeys of organizations of any size and maturity in the nuclear sector and can also leverage its comprehensive asset class expertise to tackle asset management challenges of the broader power generation industry.

To learn more about the asset management technologies, visit the Verdantix Operational Excellence research website.

OPEX Endevors End To End Technology Solution Fuses Deep Power Generation Expertise With Broad Asset Optimization Functionality

Victor Voulgaropoulos

Industry Analyst, Verdantix

Victor is an Industry Analyst in the Verdantix Operational Excellence practice. His current research agenda focuses on asset performance management solutions and the overlap with digital twins, maintenance optimization platforms and industrial risk management technologies. Prior to joining Verdantix, Victor was a researcher at Imperial College London and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he managed projects and delivered R&D technological solutions for clients in the energy industry (oil & gas, nuclear, and solar). Victor holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from University College London.