83% Of Firms Used Energy Management To Optimize Asset Management In 2016

According to the Verdantix annual survey of 250 energy and facility decision-makers, 17% of firms continue to separate energy and asset management processes, 58% use energy management to inform asset management, while the remaining 25% of firms have fully integrated energy and asset management.

Persistently low energy costs have lowered the priority for managing energy as a standalone objective among many organizations. However, the importance of energy efficiency to the overall life cycle management of equipment is not lost on forward thinking building owners and operators. Equipment energy consumption data is used for asset fault detection and diagnosis – changing patterns of energy use when viewed within the appropriate operational context can be an indicator or an impending fault. Identifying these faults ahead of schedule can save building operators on costly unplanned maintenance bills. Monitoring of energy consumption can also be used to streamline building operational performance by highlighting equipment or systems, such as HVAC and lighting, which are consistently working at unusual times (e.g. during weekends or public holiday periods).

The landscape of vendors providing solutions for improved asset management is broad and highly competitive. Firms range from integrated workplace management system (IWMS) providers such as Accruent, iOffice, Planon, Qube and Trimble Manhattan to computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) providers Dude Solutions and eMaint to building energy management software providers, such as Envizi, Schneider Electric and Siemens and smart building platforms like Switch Automation. The next five years will see an increased emphasis on partnerships as vendors seek to provide additional value add capabilities including advanced analytics and enhanced data capture functionalities.

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83 Of Firms Used Energy Management To Optimize Asset Management In 2016