Our purpose is to be the essential thought-leader for world-enhancing innovation

Innovation happens when we harness curiosity to address the challenges we see around us. In a world full of soundbites, we apply expert eyes and inquiring minds to the business of building a safer, greener, more efficient and enjoyable environment.

Rooted in a belief that big ambitions require deep thinking, we use our expertise to develop analysis on which some of the most influential change-makers have come to depend.

Across areas as diverse as energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions, employee safety and the workplace of the future, our analysis helps solve the problems that matter.

Our team

To help us achieve our goals, we’ve set out to create a culture that empowers people to thrive. We are a diverse collective, united by intellectual curiosity and a desire to solve complex challenges with inquisitiveness, rigour, accuracy and unparalleled expertise.

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Our values

Independence is our foundation stone

Curiosity is our idea generator

Accuracy is our guiding light

Sustainability is our mission

Confidentiality is our guarantee