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Senior Analyst - New York - Full-Time

Senior Analyst - New York - Full-Time

Senior Analyst
New York

VERDANTIX INC seeks Sr Analyst in NY, NY to rsrch new dev in environmental, health, & safety (EHS) field, using mrkt size & fcast, best practices, surveys & green quadrant benchmarks & present them to clts; Oversee anlyst team in rsrch & publictn of mthly rsrch rpts; Identify impact of new EHS & tech in our clts bizs; Conduct wkly & mthly progress calls w/ clts; Explore biz dev ops w/ clts; Draft proj proposal docs for clts; Suppt sales of addl consulting svcs; Contribute to wkly EHS team meeting; Deliver 1 major rsrch paper, 2-3 case studies, 112 hrs of advisory projects & mktng support per quarter; Speak at industry confs; Deliver webinars; Supporting mktng efforts. 36 MOS WORK EXP IN TECH RSRCH, EHS CONSULTING OR PRODUCT STRATEGY; EXP IN PROJ MGMT & DELIVERY FOR EHS SOFTWARE SELECTION & VENDOR MRKT GROWTH, & MAINTAINING POSITIVE CLT RELATIONSHIPS; KNOWLEDGE OF EHS TECH BIZ INCL SOFTWARE, MOBILE, WEARABLES & DRONES; EXP IN INTERVIEWING SR MANAGERS; EXPERTISE IN OUR EHS AREAS OF PRACTICE & EXP FOSTERING INDUSTRY RELATIONSHIPS; TIME MGMT, ORGANIZATIONAL, COMMUNICATION & TEAM COLLABORATION SKILLS; HISTORY OF PUBLISHED RSRCH PAPERS RELATED TO OUR EHS AREAS OF PRACTICE & ABILITY TO PRESENT AT INDUSTRY CONF & WORKSHOPS. DOMESTIC & INTL TRAVEL 1 WK PER MONTH TO MEET CLTS & CONF. Send resume to VERDANTIX INC, 575 FIFTH AVE, 14th Fl, NY, NY 10016.

Message From The CEO

Since founding Verdantix in early 2008 it is remarkable that our original hypothesis about the evolution of the market has proven to be true. We believe that increased corporate focus on worker health and safety, growing stakeholder pressure for improved environmental management and broader recognition of the financial losses resulting from inferior operational risk management will require different strategies for organizations to prosper. All large organizations will need to manage environment, health, safety, energy, facilities and broader sustainability issues in a more strategic way using innovative technologies. Verdantix has the expertise, data and historical experience from 10 years of research into innovative technologies advise executives on how to navigate this challenge.

Do you want to figure out how to help Fortune 500 firms move their environmental performance to the next level? Do you want to convince executives that their firm will generate more profit by enhancing EHS metrics with information tools? Do you see a role for yourself helping innovators succeed with aggressive growth plans for safety management mobile apps, drones for environmental remediation and integrated chemicals management systems? If so, working at Verdantix will provide you with access to all of those opportunities in the context of a small, fast-growing firm, staffed by people committed to achieving tangible improvements in corporate EHS, energy efficiency and sustainability performance.

Life at Verdantix is different from life at a large professional services firm. The learning curve is steeper. The initial responsibility is greater. The contribution you make to the firm’s success is more visible. Your skills development is faster. The pressure from your peers to perform is higher. The move to client-facing activities is more rapid. The speed of evolution is such that Verdanticians talk about one "Verdantix year" being equivalent to three calendar years. Our most successful employees are intellectually flexible, develop quickly and can adapt to new tasks, projects and client demands. All the veterans are self-starters who take ownership of their goals and focus on achieving them.

As we build the firm in our London and New York offices, we seek individuals with a passionate belief that innovation and technology can transform corporate EHS, operational risk and real estate performance. People who thrive at Verdantix have a proven work ethic, a desire to be challenged, a strong sense of curiosity, a competitive attitude and a world class sense of humour. Our management culture and career development is based on achievements, skills and behaviours with quarterly reviews that keep individuals and the firm on track. We recognize that everyone on the Verdantix team has a significant contribution to make to the growth of the business. So we operate with a high level of transparency about business performance and include all employees in big decisions such as growth strategies and new product launches.

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David Metcalfe PhD
CEO & Co-Founder

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