What You Need To Know To Select A Real Estate Or Facility Management Software Solution

Real estate, energy and facility optimization software solutions are being evaluated for purchase by 43% of the real estate executives in the Verdantix global survey. Yet, 56% of those executives rate a lack of information about real estate technologies as either a very important or important barrier to getting value from real estate, energy and facility optimization technologies. How can real estate executives source the information they need to make informed decisions regarding which real estate, energy and facility optimization solution is most appropriate for their building portfolio?

This webinar will draw on the latest Verdantix research and insights gathered through briefings with senior executives to outline the key questions buyers of commercial software solutions such as integrated workplace management systems (IWMS), building energy management systems and facility optimization platforms need to address to select the most appropriate solution. Questions that will be addressed include which vendors are taking advantage of the latest technologies to improve solution performance and ease of use and which software solutions are best suited to scale with and organization’s short-term and long-term objectives?

Heads of real estate, facility managers, real estate asset managers and technology vendors should attend this webinar to understand the key questions they should be asking when thinking about buying a real estate, energy or facility optimization solution.

Thursday, August 30, 2018
4:00 pm British Time
11:00 am Eastern Standard Time
8:00 am Pacific Standard Time

Access a recording of the webinar here.

 Presented by: Derrek Clarke, Senior AnalystVerdantix

Derrek webinar

Derrek conducts Verdantix research on energy management and the optimization of building systems covering technologies, best practices and growth strategies. His current agenda is focused on establishing facility optimization software as a distinct category of technology investment. Derrek has 10 years of experience as a licensed architect. He joined Verdantix in 2014 and previously worked at global architecture and engineering firm HOK. Derrek holds a Masters in Architecture from Parsons and a Masters in Sustainability Management from Columbia University. Contact Derrek This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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