Winning Strategies For The European EH&S Software Market

A combination of private equity investment and acquisitions of EH&S software vendors by larger trade buyers has dramatically changed the competitive landscape over the last 2 years. Increasingly, software vendors who previously focused on the North American market will look for growth opportunities and acquisitions in Europe. At the same time, bigger players in the European market like Enablon (now owned by Wolters Kluwer) and SAP must invest to protect their home markets. Will the “grey squirrels” of the American continent successfully conquer the markets owned by the “red squirrels” of the European continent? Or will the Europeans protect their turf and make their own thrust into North America?


Booming EH&S Software Market Will Break Through $1 Billion Barrier In 2017

Customer demand for single integrated platforms, higher value solutions focused on risk management and a flurry of investment into the EH&S software vendors will drive strong market growth. In this webinar Verdantix will share unique insights from recent research answering questions such as: What is the current global spend on EH&S software? Which factors will shape the direction of spending on EH&S solutions over the next five years? Which industries and geographies have the strongest prospects for growth? This webinar helps EH&S software suppliers, investors and partners to forecast revenue streams, plan marketing strategies and define sales strategies. Verdantix will draw upon recent research from the Green Quadrant EH&S Software, EH&S Global Survey and market sizing and forecasting overall spend on EH&S software through to 2020 to provide this comprehensive review of the market.

Investment Opportunities: EH&S Software, Product Stewardship & Supply Chain Compliance

This Verdantix webinar is designed specifically for investment professionals in financial institutions who are seeking opportunities to invest in the EH&S information management market. For investors seeking to understand the size of the opportunity we will present our market segmentation analysis, assessment of current market size, market forecasts and estimates of total addressable market. We will also provide overviews of key market players and our view on what is required to be successful in the next 4 years.

2016 Predictions For UK Energy Services Market: Regulatory Surprises, Acquisitions And Integrated Systems

This Verdantix webinar provides a detailed perspective on the key market events in the UK energy services market in 2016. You will learn about the major players in the market and how their strategies will evolve in the next 12 months. We will demonstrate how regulatory decisions will continue to impact the market and explain how integrated energy systems will continue to gain ground in the public and private sectors.

Energy Management Software Product Assessment: Industry Behemoths Begin To Take Control

This webinar will share research towards answering questions such as: What does the current energy management software supplier landscape look like? What factors are shaping the direction of the energy management software market over the next three years? How should corporates plan to use energy management software in the next three years? The webinar helps energy management software suppliers, investors and partners to plan marketing strategies and define sales strategies. The webinar will also help corporates to understand the market landscape and better understand how they should be using energy management software.

2016 Predictions For EH&S Information Management: Platforms, Mobile, Analytics And Acquisitions

This Verdantix webinar provides customers and vendors with insights into the EH&S software market in 2016. You will hear about the plans of multiple vendors to build out the EH&S platforms that many firms are seeking to buy, you will get insights into mobile apps that will be launched in 2016, you will hear about how recently launched analytics capabilities will improve value capture from EH&S software and you will hear the Verdantix view on how the market will consolidate.

Industrial Energy Management: Market Trends And Customer Priorities

This Verdantix webinar presents survey data from interviews with over 130 senior managers responsible for energy management in industrial facilities across North America. You will learn about the priorities for energy management at industrial facilities, the direction of budgets and the use of software and hardware to improve energy efficiency.

The Future Of The UK Energy Services Market (Webinar)

In today’s UK energy services market, established players are moving towards end-to-end energy solutions, while a host of new entrants are still trying to muscle in. Adding to the growing level of maturity in the UK energy services market was a new wave of M&A activity led by firms such as Accenture, Inprova, npower and Utilitywise which carried through into 2015. How will this exciting market continue to evolve as vendors and end users alike continue to mature in their energy management strategies?

This webinar provides you with a view of the 3 year evolution of the UK energy services market. We will leverage our recent interviews with UK budget holders, as well as market sizing and forecast data across seven segments of the energy services market.  The analysis enables Heads of Strategy and Product Development within energy services firms to understand the hot segments to target and enhance go-to-market strategies.

Global Survey Data: EH&S Budgets & Priorities For 2016 (Webinar)

Where are the biggest growth opportunities in the global market for EH&S products and services? This webinar leverages data from 300 interviews conducted with heads of EH&S in 15 countries to pinpoint the key growth trends for 2016 across processes and industries. The data provides senior managers responsible for business planning, strategy, marketing and sales in environmental consultancies and EH&S software providers with the hard data you need to align your 2016 plans with the realities of market demand. The Verdantix global survey is the only source of detailed budget growth and spending priority data for corporations with more than $500m in annual revenues. Attend this webinar to access indispensable hard data to frame your business objectives for the next financial year and enhance your go-to-market strategy.