2016 Predictions For UK Energy Services Market: Regulatory Surprises, Acquisitions And Integrated Systems

This Verdantix webinar provides a detailed perspective on the key market events in the UK energy services market in 2016. You will learn about the major players in the market and how their strategies will evolve in the next 12 months. We will demonstrate how regulatory decisions will continue to impact the market and explain how integrated energy systems will continue to gain ground in the public and private sectors.

Benchmarking The UK's Energy Services Providers

This Verdantix webinar provides individuals responsible for selecting, implementing and managing energy projects from energy procurement through to project implementation with a benchmark of 18 providers of energy services for the private and public sector in the UK. Based on the Verdantix Green Quadrant benchmark, we will provide our analysis of the energy services capabilities of specialists such as Ameresco, Carbon Credentials, Inenco, Honeywell, Schneider Electric, Utilitywise and Vital Energi, utilities including ENGIE, npower and SSE, and facilities management firms including ISS and MITIE. Energy managers and facilities directors attending this webinar will also hear about the latest developments across energy services such as the move towards technology-enabled services, as well as the development of energy management offerings in light of the Internet Of Things trends. As the only energy services capability benchmark available in the market today, this is a must attend webinar for anyone charged with leading energy services.

Energy Management Software Product Assessment: Industry Behemoths Begin To Take Control

This webinar will share research towards answering questions such as: What does the current energy management software supplier landscape look like? What factors are shaping the direction of the energy management software market over the next three years? How should corporates plan to use energy management software in the next three years? The webinar helps energy management software suppliers, investors and partners to plan marketing strategies and define sales strategies. The webinar will also help corporates to understand the market landscape and better understand how they should be using energy management software.

Energy Management: Global Market Trends And Customer Priorities in 2016

Where are the biggest growth opportunities in the energy management market today? This Verdantix webinar presents our latest survey data from interviews with over 250 senior managers responsible for energy management across 15 geographies. Energy services and facilities management suppliers attending this webinar will learn about customer priorities for energy management, the direction of budgets and the use of energy technologies in 2016/17. As well as hearing about customer deployment plans across mature technologies such as LED lighting, you will also learn about the customer appetite for innovation such as IoT sensors and energy storage. As the only independent global energy management survey available in the market today, this is a must attend webinar for anyone charged with leading energy services strategies.

Facilities Optimization Management: Connecting Facility Performance Data With Real Estate Investment Strategy

Over the last 15 years a wide range of software vendors have pitched point solutions to building operators, heads of engineering and facilities directors. These value propositions have gained some traction but haven’t crossed the chasm of technology innovation due to a lack of widespread adoption. In the last 6 months, multiple technology vendors have converged on a shared vision for improving the financial performance of real estate portfolios by connecting investment strategies with multiple metrics for facility performance. At Verdantix, we refer to this as Facilities Optimization Management. This webinar explores how functionality from energy software, computerized maintenance and management software, integrated workplace management systems and real estate management software will evolve into end-to-end platforms that offer a more compelling value proposition than today’s many point solutions. We further explore how this creates opportunities for consultants and FM firms.

Industrial Energy Management: Market Trends And Customer Priorities

This Verdantix webinar presents survey data from interviews with over 130 senior managers responsible for energy management in industrial facilities across North America. You will learn about the priorities for energy management at industrial facilities, the direction of budgets and the use of software and hardware to improve energy efficiency.

The Future Of The UK Energy Services Market (Webinar)

In today’s UK energy services market, established players are moving towards end-to-end energy solutions, while a host of new entrants are still trying to muscle in. Adding to the growing level of maturity in the UK energy services market was a new wave of M&A activity led by firms such as Accenture, Inprova, npower and Utilitywise which carried through into 2015. How will this exciting market continue to evolve as vendors and end users alike continue to mature in their energy management strategies?

This webinar provides you with a view of the 3 year evolution of the UK energy services market. We will leverage our recent interviews with UK budget holders, as well as market sizing and forecast data across seven segments of the energy services market.  The analysis enables Heads of Strategy and Product Development within energy services firms to understand the hot segments to target and enhance go-to-market strategies.

Verdantix Announces the Energy Innovation Award Winners for 2016

London, 12 February, 2016. Today, independent research firm Verdantix announced the six winners of their first annual Energy Innovation Awards. The winners were named at the Verdantix Summit in London. The Summit focused on getting value from energy innovation with leading industry experts speaking on topics ranging from ESOS to energy systems integration and new financing structures.

Verdantix Benchmark Finds IBM, Accenture, Capgemini And CGI Lead The Power Utility IT Services Market

New York. February 23, 2015. In the North American market for power utility IT services IBM, Accenture, Capgemini and CGI are the market leaders, according to independent analyst firm Verdantix. The benchmark report, Green Quadrant Power Utility IT Services (North America), compares 10 technology consulting and systems integration firms and helps buyers in utilities to save time, reduce costs and mitigate risks in supplier selection. The analysis is based on an assessment of suppliers on 78 criteria and interviews with an independent panel of 14 customers representing firms with revenues of $92 billion.

Verdantix Benchmark Names the Six Leaders in the UK Energy Services Market to Assist Energy Leaders in Supplier Selection Decisions

London, 11 May, 2016. A new benchmark of eighteen energy services suppliers identifies Engie, E.ON, Mitie Energy, Schneider Electric, SSE, and Utilitywise as the six market leaders. The study findings are based on an 86 point questionnaire, interviews with supplier executives, and buying preference data from interviews with 15 budget holders who buy energy services.

Why Your Strategy To Sell Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs) Needs A Refresh

This webinar shares findings from recent Verdantix research into the UK Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) market. You will learn about the current state of the EPC market and why market players are planning significant pivots in their go to market strategy over the next few years. For firms active in the UK energy services market – including energy services specialists, facilities management firms, tech companies as well as ‘Big Six’ utilities – we will also provide our view on what is required to be successful in winning and delivering EPCs over the next 3 years.