Closing The Loop: Circular Economy Digital Solutions

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  • ESG & Sustainability

Closing The Loop: Circular Economy Digital Solutions

Circular economy digital solutions are software that can help to move businesses' economic and production processes away from a linear 'take-make-waste' model to a regenerative process that drives sustainability and emissions reduction in the long run.

This webinar will look at some of the drivers behind circular economy digital solutions, the ways in which circularity can be operationalised, some of the differences that distinguish certain industries from others, and how solutions are geared towards meeting varied buyer demands. 

On this webinar

Guy Lewis

Industry Analyst

Guy is an Industry Analyst in the Verdantix ESG & Sustainability practice. He currently leads research on circular economy software and services and supports research across several other ESG and sustainability themes. Prior to joining Verdantix, Guy was an energy specialist helping to optimize member experience, through which he gained knowledge of both operations and smart technologies. Guy holds a BA in Geography from the University of Manchester, with a placement year at the University of Queensland.