Best Practices For Building A Net Zero Digital Strategy

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Best Practices For Building A Net Zero Digital Strategy

As companies strive to achieve their ambitious Net Zero targets, many are turning to digital technologies to aid in their decarbonization efforts. With a dizzying array of solutions available from multiple categories of vendors, it is crucial for companies to establish a clear and robust digital strategy to effectively support their goals.

Leveraging insights from our expert advisory team, this webinar explores the common challenges encountered when crafting such a strategy and outline the Verdantix best practice approach. 

Find out more about:

  • The role of technology in achieving Net Zero
  • Common challenges to building an effective Net Zero digital strategy
  • The Verdantix best practice approach for developing a successful Net Zero digital strategy

On this webinar

Stuart Neumann

VP of Advisory Services

Stuart Neumann is VP of Advisory Services and leads Verdantix advisory services globally, delivering high impact projects for C-Level executives seeking help with challenges in the EHS, Climate, Sustainability and Asset Management markets. His project experience spans go to market strategy, acquisition scans, commercial due diligence, digital strategy and software selection. Stuart joined Verdantix in 2010 and prior to his career at Verdantix, Stuart was a technology consultant at Accenture.