Achieving Circularity: Circular Economy Digital Solutions

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Achieving Circularity: Circular Economy Digital Solutions

Circular economy digital solutions are a growing market forecast to reach over $1.7 billion by 2027. They encompass software application, digital services and hardware employed along product or service life cycles to enable greater circularity. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to fundamentally changing linear business models from take-make-waste to a circular process. It is complex, industry specific and requires a change in systems thinking which can be supported through the use of digital solutions.

This webinar will explore the maturity, business value and pace of innovation of various technologies that support a transition to a circular economy and associated goals. This involves looking at best practices from a variety of industries and how the solutions are geared towards meeting varied buyer demands and concepts.

Key discussion topics:

  • How circular economy principles can guide sustainable business decisions
  • Digital solutions overview and industry applications
  • Viable solutions for corporate circularity goals with positive ROI examples




On this webinar

Jessie Wilson


Jessie is an Analyst in the Verdantix ESG and Sustainability practice. Prior to joining Verdantix she graduated from the University of Bristol with First Class Honours in BSc Geography and French. Her dissertation was on achieving a circular economy for plastics with reusable packaging.

Guy Lewis

Industry Analyst

Guy is an Industry Analyst in the ESG and Sustainability Practice. Prior to joining Verdantix, he worked at Bulb helping to optimise member experience as part of their renewable energy offering. He gained knowledge in operations and smart technologies. Guy holds a BA in Geography from the University of Manchester, with a placement year at the University of Queensland.