ESG & Sustainability Research Plan 2023

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The research plan represents the majority of studies that we are committed to publish in 2023. The analyst team will also respond to market developments and client requests. 

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ESG & Sustainability Research Plan 2023

Since 2009, Verdantix has conducted research into the way investors and C-Level executives incorporate ESG and sustainability considerations into their financial, operational and strategic decisions. Our research indicates that a combination of investor engagement with ESG metrics, climate change policy and shifting social values will accelerate the need for equity and debt issuers to enhance ESG performance in terms of disclosures, risk controls and innovation. To help technology and services firms understand the size, growth and shape of the market opportunity, Verdantix will produce a portfolio of studies covering customer demand for ESG products and services, competitive benchmarks and market size and forecast studies.

2023 key themes

Key themes for 2023 include: digital strategies for ESG regulations; ESG performance improvements in the supply chain; ESG disclosures around the globe; ESG and financial reporting; and enabling the circular economy with services.