Verdantix Benchmark Reveals Ten Leaders In Climate Change Consulting As Companies Ramp Up Sustainability Efforts

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  • Organizations are increasingly turning to climate change consultants to ensure business resilience
  • Global consulting giants adapt offerings to meet rising climate change consulting demand

Verdantix Benchmark Reveals Ten Leaders In Climate Change Consulting As Companies Ramp Up Sustainability Efforts

London, UK. A groundbreaking study conducted by purpose-driven research firm Verdantix showcases the remarkable growth of the climate change consulting market in recent years. Driven by increased corporate investment in climate change initiatives and the urgent need to prepare for the transition to a sustainable future, this market has experienced significant expansion. Verdantix's benchmark report, highlighting the 15 most prominent climate change consulting providers globally, reveals how these providers are enhancing their capabilities across strategy, technical expertise and implementation services to gain a competitive edge. Amongst the providers featured in the Leaders’ Quadrant, six firms – Deloitte, ERM, EY, KPMG, PwC and WSP – demonstrated the most comprehensive climate change consulting capabilities. 

The report, Green Quadrant: Climate Change Consulting 2023, serves as an essential guide for organizations seeking to invest in climate change consulting, helping them select the best solution for their specific needs. Key findings are that:

  • Global providers are prioritizing tactical acquisitions of specialist firms to rapidly enhance their capabilities in climate change consulting. ERM’s acquisition of renewable energy advisory firm Coho in February 2023, and EY's acquisition of Spanish ESG consulting firm Attalea in the same month, exemplify this trend.
  • Global consulting providers are redefining their services to compete more effectively in the climate change consulting market and are ramping up investment in climate-change-related capabilities to create dedicated centres of excellence. KPMG, for example, has established a Global Decarbonization Hub and PwC has set up a Centre for Nature Positive Business.
  • Consultancy firms have identified climate change services, and their own climate change performance, as pivotal to future success. WSP’s 2022 announcement of its business-wide ‘Future Ready’ strategy underscores the central role of climate change in its overall business innovation planning. Deloitte, as part of its ‘WorldClimate’ strategy, has committed to achieve net zero by 2030.
  • Vendors are forging collaborative partnerships with complementary service providers to complement their existing offerings. In April 2023 sustainability services provider Anthesis formed a partnership with Fujitsu, while Schneider Electric announced a collaboration with Bain earlier in the year.
  • To differentiate themselves, providers are developing robust digital tools through partnerships with technology vendors or proprietary technology development. ENGIE Impact, for example, offers its own digital solution, ENGIE Ellipse, demonstrating the industry's drive towards leveraging technology for climate change consulting.


“The growing pressure on organizations to demonstrate resilience towards climate change has resulted in a surge of demand for relevant consulting across strategy, technical and implementation projects,” commented Connor Taylor, Industry Analyst, Verdantix. “The Net Zero market alone is expected to reach almost $16 billion by 2028. Consequently, consulting firms are investing rapidly through digital innovation, a focus on building internal expertise, and partnerships and acquisitions to enhance their capabilities and gain a competitive edge."

To learn more, read the report here.

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