Verdantix Benchmark Reveals Four Leading Asset Investment Planning Software Providers

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  • New report highlights a paradigm shift in strategic asset investment led by ESG and net zero factors

Verdantix Benchmark Reveals Four Leading Asset Investment Planning Software Providers

London, UK. The asset investment planning (AIP) landscape is undergoing a remarkable transformation, driven by the imperatives of sustainability, the advent of new technologies, and the increasing need for data-driven decision-making. Verdantix, a leading independent research and advisory firm, has released a benchmark report that spotlights the 14 most prominent AIP software providers globally and unveils the race among providers to revolutionize strategic asset investment decision-making. The report identifies four standout firms – Arcadis Gen, Brightly Software, Copperleaf and DIREXYON – that demonstrate the most advanced and comprehensive AIP software capabilities.

The report, Green Quadrant: Asset Investment Planning Software 2023, serves as an indispensable guide for organizations seeking to invest in AIP software, helping them select the best solution for their specific needs. Key findings:

  • Organizations are increasingly turning to AIP solutions to enhance their complex longer-term tactical and strategic decision-making. For instance, Arcadis Gen’s enterprise decision analytics (EDA) AIP software combines advanced analytics, powerful optimization engines and machine learning (ML) to support asset-based investment decisions , while Copperleaf provides industry-specific solutions for efficient investment planning.

  • AIP software is expanding to enable users to align investment plans with sustainability goals and model the impact of climate risk. For example, 1898 & Co. utilizes spatial data, including climate-related information from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), to assess the impact of major storm events on assets and investment plans.
  • AIP software is evolving to provide flexibility and configurability. These solutions adapt to the unique needs and requirements of different organizations' investment strategies, allowing users to customize dashboards and core models. For example, Cosmo Tech’s AIP solution offers a low-code framework for configuring forms, enabling users to fully customize the solution, based on shifting market needs.

  • User-friendly interfaces and intuitive workflows ensure that employees can quickly adopt software and leverage its features effectively, leading to increased productivity and user satisfaction and reduced barriers to adoption. DIREXYON and Probit Consulting have created highly visual risk maps that illustrate an asset's vulnerability to failure, associated risks and financial impact.
  • AI-based analytics are playing a pivotal role in detecting data inconsistencies, improving data quality and predicting asset portfolio performance, enhancing planning accuracy and delivering actionable insights. For instance, Copperleaf’s ML-based Optimize Ready solution provides recommendations for users to quickly resolve issues.
  • Large vendors are enhancing their capabilities to offer end-to-end asset lifecycle solutions, simplifying workflows and support in a single solution across the asset management journey. Siemens, following its acquisition of Brightly Software, is creating a single source of truth for all asset management activities.


"As we witness the global expansion of the AIP software market, it's clear that the path forward is paved with innovation – from improved usability and lightweight applications to enhanced ESG capabilities and seamless integrations,” commented Kiran Darmasseelane, Senior Analyst, Verdantix. “Organizations on this journey must seek partners with proven industry track records, embrace third-party consultants for support, and ensure their chosen solution seamlessly integrates with their vision. AIP software isn't just an investment: it's the roadmap to sustainable, resilient and future-ready asset management."

For more information and to access the complete report, please visit: Green Quadrant: Asset Investment Planning Software 2023

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