Verdantix Benchmark Reveals Five Leaders In The Integrated Smart Building Security Software Sector

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"Digital advancements are enabling organizations to create more flexible and efficient security operations. Integrated smart building security software solutions provide capabilities to unify security management tasks, helping organizations better protect their people, assets and facilities."

Verdantix Benchmark Reveals Five Leaders In The Integrated Smart Building Security Software Sector

London, UK. 5 April 2023 - A new study from Verdantix analyses how the market for security software is evolving to better address the needs of firms – helping them provide trusted building and security operations and better protect the safety and wellbeing of their users. The Verdantix report Green Quadrant: Integrated Smart Building Security Software 2023 highlights the ability – and growing importance – of solutions to unify security operations. The report measures the strengths of 10 prominent security software providers, with Genetec, Siemens, Johnson Controls (JCI), Honeywell and Everbridge emerging as Leaders in a tightly competitive field of vendors.
For organizations seeking to enhance their security operations, this report is an essential guide to selecting the best solution for their needs. Key findings are:

  • Security software providers are approaching the market with greater integration capabilities and layers of technology to address a wide array of enterprise security needs. Firms such as Genetec offer large solution suites, from core access control management and video surveillance, to mass communications and licence plate recognition applications.
  • Vendors are leveraging digital innovation to drive greater insights and streamline cross-domain facility operations – including security. Providers such as Honeywell, JCI, Schneider Electric and Siemens are building out digital suites that can tie together various systems and sets of information, allowing organizations to capitalize on IoT systems and innovations such as digital twin technology, and more readily incorporate third-party security solutions.
  • IP-based security systems are being more commonly deployed, and cloud-based systems are on the rise. Many security software providers – such as JCI and LenelS2 (Carrier) – are reworking their solutions or have recently released newly architected systems, natively designed for cloud and edge computing.
  • Security solutions are increasingly recognized as not only helping to protect individuals and building assets, but providing tenants and workers with information and access to many services that influence their efficiency and satisfaction. Brivo, which scored highly for market momentum, is progressively tying its solutions to occupant experience applications.
  • Security vendors are starting to incorporate AI and machine learning (ML) techniques into their software platforms to address analytical challenges, such as filtering out alarm noise or assessing potential threats. Video analytics from providers such as Bosch, Brivo and Motorola Solutions are helping to further automate identification and forensics tasks. Meanwhile, workflow tooling is allowing organizations to more effectively orchestrate activities to respond to incidents and ensure standard operating procedures are followed. Providers such as Everbridge and JCI also offer external risk intelligence solutions to incorporate into threat assessment activities.


“Our research indicates that security-related software investments are top of mind for many organizations, with over half of facilities and corporate real estate executives planning to invest, replace, or extend their deployments in physical access and security software”, said Sandy Rogers, Principal Analyst at Verdantix. “As the role of security expands within the connected enterprise and building landscape, vendors need to be constantly innovating and adapting to changing client needs.”

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