Sphera Launches Control Of Work Software For Pipelines To Take Advantage of The White Space Opportunity

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Sphera Launches Control Of Work Software For Pipelines To Take Advantage of The White Space Opportunity

On May 31st, Sphera announced the launch of their new Control of Work (CoW) for Pipelines product. The new easy to use solution is mobile based and built to work both online or offline, increasing connectivity between operators and maintenance personnel. Given the remote environment of pipelines, reporting is difficult and better connectivity is needed to avoid risks and project delays. According to PHMSA, there have been 659 pipeline incidents, including 29 fatalities, in the US since 2020, leading to over $620 million in property damage. Sphera’s CoW software helps pipeline operators minimize costly accidents or incidents, such as these, by connecting operators with maintenance personnel to gauge safety, oversee pipeline productivity and enforce best practices.

The capabilities that make Sphera’s CoW software for Pipelines an effective tool for safe and compliant pipeline operations include:

  • GPS tracking capability to guarantee work is undertaken at the right location.

  • Ability to control activity in real time with digital permits that can be received and accessed on location.

  • Full visibility on simultaneous operations by integrating risk assessments, permits, isolations and lockout-tagout procedures presented in an easy-to-understand map or terrain view.

  • Offline functionality for mobile apps and automatic data synchronization when connectivity is restored.

Sphera’s new solution expands their control of work software in the pipeline market where many operators still rely on outdated paper permitting systems. However, this view is changing and firms in oil and gas are increasingly recognizing the value of using digital solutions for operational risk management, especially CoW software that delivers safety as well as productivity benefits. In the Verdantix 2021 Operational Excellence survey, 30% of the 71 operations managers in oil and gas mentioned new investment in CoW software in 2022, while 46% stated not using software for CoW, presenting an attractive growth opportunity. By developing CoW software targeted specifically at pipelines, Sphera is well positioned to take advantage of this white space and grow its market share.

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Sphera Launches Control Of Work Software For Pipelines To Take Advantage of The White Space Opportunity

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