Respond To Extreme Weather Events With Three New Technologies

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Respond To Extreme Weather Events With Three New Technologies

Verdantix has just launched its first Tech Roadmap: Climate Risk Digital Solutions – a tool for corporate decision-makers to track available technologies that identify, monitor, model or take actions to address climate-change-related risks. Leaders can use the roadmap to identify vendors and their offerings and understand the technological outlook for the larger market.

Last year, the US suffered 18 separate climate disaster events, each with losses exceeding $1 billion, according to recent NOAA data. It is now vital that leaders are prepared for extreme weather events and are able to respond to them. As organizations work to build climate resilience and optimize responses to extreme weather events, we believe that these three technology categories in the launch phase are the ones to watch:

  • Wildfire monitoring solutions allow firms to act quickly on wildfire threats.
    Geospatial data, IoT sensor networks and drones that identify, monitor and take actions to control wildfires. Wildfire monitoring solutions allow forestry firms, utilities, or firms operating in wildfire-prone areas to identify wildfires and take immediate action to reduce damage. Some providers also offer risk area identification so that firms can intervene to reduce risks. Overstory’s wildfire monitoring solution uses geospatial data to highlight where overhead wires and vegetation cause a high risk of wildfires.
  • Critical event management software helps firms organize a response across an organization.
    Critical event management (CEM) software enables firms to coordinate and distribute responses to events that are a threat to health, profitability, assets or brand reputation. CEM solutions facilitate response planning, performance analysis, location tracking and communication to help firms minimize the potential impacts of hazards including extreme weather events. For instance, California resort Glen Eden Sun Club uses AlertFind to notify resort members of wildfires and coordinate evacuations, with information about road closures and power outages.
  • IoT platforms for drought monitoring enable managers to address drought conditions.
    An integrated software platform that aggregates drought-related data (for example groundwater, rainwater tank and soil nutrient levels) from IoT sensor networks on devices associated with assets. Governments, utilities and agriculture firms can use these IoT platforms to monitor groundwater, rainwater and reservoir levels in remote locations during periods of drought. This allows leaders and managers to more effectively conserve and distribute water, reducing costs and ensuring appropriate distribution.


See the full report to gain more information on the above technologies and identify other potential investment targets.

Alice Saunders

Industry Analyst

Alice is an Industry Analyst in the Verdantix Net Zero & Climate Risk Practice. Prior to joining Verdantix she completed a Master's degree in Nature, Society and Environmental Governance at the University of Oxford, earning a distinction. Her thesis project focused on species redistribution due to climate change and woodland ecosystems. Alice also holds a BA in English Literature from the University of Warwick.