PointGuard Updates Its IoT Offering To Align With The Different Stages Of Building Digitization

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PointGuard Updates Its IoT Offering To Align With The Different Stages Of Building Digitization

Improving the analysis of building data to maximize insights has been a long-running priority for building managers. According to our most recent survey, it is a high or medium priority in 2021 for 88% of real estate executives. Firms are looking to bring together disparate data to inform business strategies and cost reduction programmes, and quickly launch new initiatives such as healthy buildings. Buyers are increasingly seeking smart building software platforms they can roll out incrementally and keep extending to drive new value. Big bang implementations are often too expensive and resource intensive for facilities management departments.

To tap into this opportunity, building IoT platform vendor PointGuard provides a suite of solutions that allows customers to engage with its IoT platform at different stages of their building digitization journey. Firstly, it offers the PointGuard Snapshot service, which provides a rapid 30-day report into potential building savings through an analysis of BMS data. It aims to provide users with a cheap entry point to building analytics, from which they can invest in more comprehensive monitoring and analytics solutions. In addition, PointGuard has launched their Insight and Building Healthcheck monthly services solutions which can be halted at the user’s discretion. The Insight solution delivers one action per month to improve performance and generate operational savings which PointGuard guarantees will cover the cost of the solution.

PointGuard has also segmented its annual platform subscription into four tiers, with increasing levels of capabilities up to the full platform, PointGuard Enterprise, which includes the ability to integrate with other offerings such as CMMS solutions. Once cost savings in building operation have been maximised, customers can use the new PointGuard Assurance offering to continue monitoring building performance and maintain operational customisations developed during the savings phase. With this, building managers can lock-in the efficiencies realised with the full PointGuard Platform and eliminate building drift, a common pain point for users where inefficiencies slowly creep into building operation.

Other smart building vendors have also been offering innovative propositions to help firms start and then extend their digitization programme. IoT platform provider Energisme develops building connectors to speed up data onboarding from different building operation processes. Energisme can also partner with vendors, such as IoT device manufacturers, BMS solution vendors and facilities management firms to develop these connectors, which feeds data from building systems into the N’Gage platform, where further capabilities such as energy monitoring and facilities management support are available.  

To read more about the growing smart building IoT platform marketplace, see our Buyer’s Guide: Smart Building IoT Platforms (2020).

Dayann Charles

Manager, Advisory Services

Dayann is a Manager in the Verdantix Advisory Services team. He has led a wide variety of consulting projects across all the Verdantix practices, with a particular focus on ESG, Net Zero & Climate Risk and Smart Building engagements. Projects delivered encompass market/product analysis and strategy, acquisition scans, competitive analysis and corporate strategy engagements. Dayann joined Verdantix in early 2020, following a period as a business and technology consultant at IBM. He holds an MEng in Engineering (Mechanical) with Business Finance from University College London.