INX Software’s Acquisition Of Sitepass Spotlights The Desire For Firm-Wide Contractor Visibility

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INX Software’s Acquisition Of Sitepass Spotlights The Desire For Firm-Wide Contractor Visibility

INX Software, an EHS and Quality management provider has acquired Sitepass, a contractor management software firm, from global digital learning solutions provider Kineo. Headquartered in Perth, INX Software delivers EHS solutions for resource-extractive firms within high-risk industries. As such, the INX solution is focused on developing robust workforce management solutions to meet the needs of customers in construction, mining and oil and gas verticals. The firm’s acquisition of Sitepass will reinforce its current contractor management capabilities whilst adding new functionality for existing customers. Founded in 2013, Sitepass offers a central application to help firms manage contractors and teams through five core functionality areas: contractor management, onboarding, training management, visitor management and document verification solutions.

Contractor management is a notoriously difficult aspect of safety management. Large hiring clients can face multiple levels of sub-contractors, making visibility into the on-site workforce extremely challenging (see Verdantix Smart Innovators: Contractor Safety Management). Additionally, each contractor firm has their preferred onboarding system and on-site workers require competency assessments which vary depending on the individual’s role. In brief, contractor management represents a huge logistical challenge for firms with several levels of sub-contractors across multiple sites. To cure the visibility challenge, customers require a centralized view across contractors. The acquisition of Sitepass is evidence of providers seeking to offer firms a company-level view of contractors. Through Sitepass, EHS teams can manage all contractors via a single point of entry and send contractors and visitors invitations to pre-register and complete onboarding ahead of their employment. Once pre-registered, users can assign prequalification requirements mapped to each contracting firm based on the project, service, contract or location.

Technology’s role in the centralization of contractor data is vital. Verdantix finds that hiring clients can leverage three techniques to aid contractor management. Firstly, hiring clients should take full advantage of mobile app accessibility. According to our global survey, EHS mobile apps are widely used by 82% of organizations with that number looking set to increase. By enforcing the use of mobile apps, hiring clients have a direct line of communication to contractors, are able to broadcast messages, and can utilize data collected from built-in phone sensors such as GPS. Secondly, hiring clients should seek to enforce the use of a single preferred platform that is both highly accessible and easy-to-use for contractor firms. Mandating the use of a single solution avoids integrating data from multiple contractor firms and results in consistent KPIs for improved reporting. Thirdly, firms can implement a platform solution that integrates all contractor management processes, including onboarding, training management and document verification, to avoid siloed products.

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