Innovative Access Control Vendors Drive New Efficiencies With Machine Learning

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Innovative Access Control Vendors Drive New Efficiencies With Machine Learning

A growing number of vendors in the building security market are incorporating artificial intelligence and advanced analytics into their solutions to drive new efficiencies. In June 2021, cloud-based access control provider Brivo launched Brivo Snapshot, a video analytics tool which employs machine learning to enhance access control management. Brivo Snapshot facilitates work traditionally completed by security teams, by rapidly and automatically identifying the most relevant image of an access event, so users no longer have to search through entire video feeds to pinpoint the best image of an individual, as can be the case with aged video management systems. This enables users to identify culprits of tailgating or unwarranted entry, as well as compare snapshots of individuals to their credentials to ensure authorized entry. Snapshot expedites the security management process, allowing security teams to trigger investigation workflows and escalate their response to security threats promptly. Snapshot also frees up security teams to perform other value-adding tasks, such as monitoring occupancy and enforcing workplace policies around safety and security.

One interesting aspect of this solution is that it utilizes machine learning to automatically detect individuals, determining the video frame of an incident with the highest facial detection and storing that image along with the video. This automated pre-analysis means users can quickly examine incidents with the best frame available. Moreover, the video analysis is performed via the Brivo Cloud, which circumvents storage issues that video management systems might otherwise encounter. Brivo Snapshot works with any video stream, including Brivo Access Cam, so is capable of augmenting existing video management systems. Linking these enhanced video analytics capabilities with access control further boosts efficiency as the video feeds are already centred around access events, rather than more high-level surveillance.

The use of video analytics and machine learning to enrich access control is an accelerating trend in the building security space. For example, Openpath recently launched a video reader, with in-built video functionality for improved incident tracking and management. Alcatraz offers facial biometrics, using AI as part of 3D facial mapping to ‘learn’ a face after multiple badge swipes. Once this has been achieved, the hardware enables facial authentication for entry. The convergence of different security functionality and wider capabilities, such as machine learning and video analytics, is a trend that is set to continue, as vendors continue to pursue new innovations in an increasingly populated market.

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