Ideagen’s Acquisition Of Huddle Reflects The Increasing Demand For Secure Remote Collaboration Solutions

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Ideagen’s Acquisition Of Huddle Reflects The Increasing Demand For Secure Remote Collaboration Solutions

In December 2020, Ideagen, a governance, risk, and compliance software provider, announced that it had acquired Huddle, a supplier of SaaS based secure content collaboration and workflow solutions. The Huddle portfolio of solutions facilitates remote working through document version control, secure file sharing, task management and file collection using the Huddle portal or accompanying mobile app. The acquisition of Huddle, which is Ideagen’s 20th and largest yet, was made possible by a recent funding round which netted Ideagen £48.7m. This latest investment furthers Ideagen’s growth strategy via strategic acquisitions that enhance their sector expertise.

Ideagen’s investment in content collaboration solutions and data security is evidence of a wider long-term shift in workplace challenges and priorities accelerated by COVID-19. With EHS professionals increasingly completing tasks remotely, document management solutions will enable distributed safety teams to create, track and prioritize safety issues and non-conformance in real time. Ideagen’s enhanced collaboration offering makes them well positioned to take advantage of remote working pain points and increasing regulatory requirements.

Our EHS global survey data supports this idea of a growing need for content collaboration solutions among EHS functions. In 2019, one-fifth of survey respondents indicated that they had no plans to use software for EHS documentation and management of change in 2020. Fast forward one year and that number shrunk to just 8% of participants. The benefits of investing in robust documentation management solutions in a remote working environment can be huge in terms of time and cost savings. Consider Huddle’s work with Siemens, where poor version control in SharePoint and limitations with document sharing over email were impacting quality and efficiency. Huddle’s implemented solution led to efficiency gains of around 1000 hours per project bid.

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