Sustainability & EHS Summit Europe: Speaker Insights From Jade Voice

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Sustainability & EHS Summit Europe: Speaker Insights From Jade Voice

As regulatory and public scrutiny intensifies, achieving excellence in environment, health and safety (EHS) is a multifaceted challenge. Leaders must grapple with escalating demands for reporting, navigate complex regulatory requirements, keep employees healthy, ensure operations are safe and sustainable, and confront the formidable task of digitizing and streamlining processes. To help the European EHS community respond to these complex requirements, the Sustainability & EHS Summit Europe is coming to Amsterdam, Netherlands on the 4th and 5th of June.

Ahead of the event, Verdantix gathered insights from one of the speakers at the summit, Jade Voice, to provide a sneak peek at the kind of expertise to expect in Amsterdam. Jade is Director of Health, Safety and Environment at Omni Group, and she will be participating in a panel on "The Rising Challenge of Climate Change: How Are EHS Leaders Getting Ready to Tackle It".

Who are you and how did you become involved in EHS?
I am a dynamic and results-focused HSE professional with over a decade of hands-on experience in the industry. My journey into the realm of HSE began in the hospitality sector, where I initially worked in operational roles, gaining invaluable first-hand experience on the ground. As my career progressed, I transitioned into my first formal HSE role, where I was fortunate to have a remarkable mentor who provided invaluable guidance and support. This mentorship ignited my passion for EHS and inspired me to pursue further education and acquire relevant qualifications to enhance my expertise in the field.

Throughout my career, I have been dedicated to developing and implementing comprehensive health, safety and environmental strategies across sectors such as hospitality, stadia, cleaning and facilities management. I take pride in my ability to elevate workplace safety cultures and effectively lead cross-functional teams towards achieving both HSE objectives and broader business goals. Communication and leadership are at the core of my approach, enabling me to engage with stakeholders at all levels and drive meaningful change within organizations.

EHS covers a lot of different things. Can you explain how environment, health and safety all interlink into one job role?
The role of health, safety and environment professionals is undeniably expanding, particularly with the growing emphasis on environmental sustainability. I believe that these aspects naturally complement each other. HSE professionals showcase exceptional proficiency in engaging with the workforce, orchestrating impactful campaigns, ensuring regulatory compliance, fostering collaboration across departments and consistently delivering tangible outcomes. These skills are vital not only for addressing environmental challenges but also for effectively managing health and safety within a business.

You have expertise on a range of EHS topics – training, climate change, mental health and wellbeing. Which of these topics are your favourites and why?
I am particularly drawn to climate change. Its global significance cannot be overstated, as it stands as one of the most pressing challenges of our time. The urgency to address climate change stems not only from its environmental impact but also from its far-reaching implications for economies, societies and future generations. Delving into climate change allows us to explore innovative solutions, foster collaboration across sectors, and drive meaningful change on a scale that can positively impact the planet for generations to come.

Can you elaborate a little bit more on the training strategies you have rolled out or best training you have seen during your career?
Informal training is a valuable addition to formal training programmes, especially in the realm of HSE. During informal interactions – like walks around the workplace or phone conversations – I seize the opportunity to reinforce key safety practices, discuss recent incidents or near misses, and address any questions or concerns raised by team members. This approach fosters a culture of continuous learning and ensures that safety remains top-of-mind for everyone, not just during scheduled training sessions but throughout daily operations.

What are you looking forward to most at Verdantix Sustainability & EHS Summit Europe?
I'm most looking forward to attending the keynote presentations and panel discussions at the Verdantix Sustainability & EHS Summit Europe. Hearing from industry leaders and experts will provide valuable insights into the latest trends and best practices in environmental, health and safety management. Additionally, I'm also excited about the networking opportunities, where I hope to connect with peers and exchange ideas.


Jade Voice will be attending the Verdantix Sustainability & EHS Summit Europe, which is taking place in Amsterdam on the 4th and 5th of June. Book your pass before the 25th of February to save €350 on your ticket to join Jade Voice, the Verdantix research team, corporates such as AkzoNobel, Amazon, Chevron and Netflix, and leading environment, health and safety vendors. See the full speaker line up and event agenda here.

Book your ticket here. If you are providing or selling services, technologies or products that improve environment, health and/or safety performance and want to attend the event, please fill in the Sustainability & EHS Summit Europe Sponsorship Enquiry form. Alternatively, register your interest in vendor tickets.

For any further questions on this please contact Moses Makin - [email protected].

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