Copperleaf's Asset Investment Planning Software Responds To Growing Demand For Capital Planning Technologies In A World Of Aging Assets

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Copperleaf's Asset Investment Planning Software Responds To Growing Demand For Capital Planning Technologies In A World Of Aging Assets

Operations managers and executives in asset-intensive industries are daily faced with the ‘repair or replace’ dilemma for the physical assets in their plants. Strategies to resolve these seemingly ‘Sophie’s choice’ scenarios are usually supported by in-house developed risk minimization investment models comprising of error-prone spreadsheet calculations and gut feelings of engineers. However, dedicated asset investment planning (AIP) solutions can help organizations intelligently navigate this arduous journey of asset lifecycle management. AIP leverages analytics and expertise to maximize the value of an organization’s investment portfolios, predict its long-term asset needs, and improve decision-making for fixed asset investment strategies.

Commercial AIP software or services are catalysts for enabling organizations align and synchronize their asset investment strategy with requirements of international asset management standards, such as the ISO 55000 family. Copperleaf Technologies, a Canadian AIP software provider headquartered in Vancouver, was recently selected as a patron of the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) and has been actively participating in shaping them.

Copperleaf was founded in 2000, primarily offering boutique consulting services to energy utility providers. Judi Hess took over the firm’s reigns in 2009, kick-starting the firm’s software offering by leading the launch of C55 and Value products in 2012 and 2019, respectively. In the last five years, Copperleaf has almost tripled its size to about 300 employees, and manages over $1.2 trillion in assets globally, across the power generation, power transmission and distribution, gas, water, government, oil and gas, and transportation sectors.

Copperleaf’s AIP software sits at the crossroads of enterprise asset management (EAM) and asset performance management (APM) systems, as it leverages both inventory and asset maintenance history data, along with asset health and failure prediction data. By fusing this data with financial information, such as production value and maintenance cost, C55 can enhance the long-term capital budget planning and forecasting of an organization’s assets. In combination with its Value product, Copperleaf offers a decision-making platform supported by data-driven insights, which can be aligned with the organization’s strategic objectives.

The COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing economic recession have pushed organizations to seek AIP software to evaluate the risks associated with their assets, justify their capital investment decisions to stakeholders, and identify cash flow constraints. This rise of AIP in the corporate agenda is being matched with an emergence of more AIP products. Vendors such as ABB, ARMS Reliability, AspenTech, CGI, Copperleaf, Cosmotech, Direxyon and PowerPlan are exploiting this market opportunity and helping create business value for organizations evaluating their asset investment strategies.

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