Artificial Intelligence Drives Innovation In Building Security Solutions

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Artificial Intelligence Drives Innovation In Building Security Solutions

The application of artificial intelligence (AI) in digital building solutions continues to grow. Vendors across the market are turning to AI and machine learning to launch advanced offerings that drive greater automation and improved outcomes. For example, these innovations are being exploited by IoT platforms for predictive maintenance, which helps businesses reduce the cost and disruption of repair work, whilst AI is also being used to intelligently manage environment controls based on patterns of usage and user preferences. Building security solutions is another promising area, with vendors leveraging AI to deliver solutions that enhance security efforts.

In November 2021, cloud-based access control vendor Brivo launched its patent pending Anomaly Detection, accessible through the Brivo Access platform. Anomaly Detection monitors access events and leverages AI to identify unusual events, such as an individual accessing an area they do not usually frequent or at an abnormal time, which could indicate misconduct or someone using a copied or stolen key card. Rather than applying blanket pattern recognition, Anomaly Detection uses AI to continuously learn patterns associated with different users to better pinpoint irregularity in access events. This reduces the number of false positives, such as where an individual regularly works out of hours to collaborate with teams in different time zones. Anomaly Detection scans all access events and assigns a simple scoring scale. Events categorized as ‘unusual’ or ‘very unusual’ trigger a Priority Alert on Brivo Access, prompting users to investigate further. Thanks to video analytics tool Brivo Snapshot, which pinpoints the video frame of an incident with the highest facial detection, users can quickly follow up an alert by checking the image, understanding the threat and responding accordingly.

For enterprise customers, Anomaly Detection adds an extra layer of intelligence to better monitor and contextualize access events, enabling security teams to prioritize their responses based on the Priority Alerts. The use of AI and machine learning to enhance access control is a growing trend in building security. For example, access control vendor Alcatraz offers facial biometrics that use AI as part of 3D facial mapping to ‘learn’ a face after multiple badge swipes. The hardware then enables facial authentication for entry, making the process more seamless. Verdantix predicts that innovation in building security solutions driven by AI and machine learning will continue to expand, with vendors seeking to stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

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