A Dozen Divine Decrees For Choosing IoT

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A Dozen Divine Decrees For Choosing IoT

Choosing an IoT platform can be a daunting task due to the crowded and continually evolving market. IoT platform marketing can often sound like Miss USA pageant responses: ‘Improve our world.’ ‘Empower people.’ ‘Surpass expectations.’ 

So, Verdantix has sought to lead customers, as a good shepherd would, through the Valley of ‘Meh’, the glitzy exaggerations and wolves in sheep’s clothing. Our upcoming Buyer’s Guide for smart building IoT platforms dives deep into the latest software trends, reviews potential suppliers and highlights successful characteristics. It also outlines the key criteria customers should consider as part of their purchase decisions.

The selection process of an IoT vendor is a serious undertaking and should be treated as such. We took inspiration from the wisdom of the ages to offer guidelines that should form part of any prospective buyer’s process when selecting a smart building platform. Let our good work illuminate the insights that can be garnered from such offerings.

~ The IoT Divine Dozen ~

  1. Thou shalt seek vendors with real-world implementations in relevant industries.
  2. The fool believes all supplier declarations without example case studies
  3. Ye of wise mind selects a provider with a strong partner ecosystem
  4. Honor platforms that deliver actionable insights through analytics informed by machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  5. Fear not an offering that supports multi-network and multi-protocol connectivity, for it is future-proofed. 
  6. Thine platform must be flexible and scalable to enable easy integration and portfolio expansion. 
  7. Find comfort in a solution that can integrate with existing and future systems, enabled by open data architectures and application programming interfaces (APIs).
  8. Forsake privacy and security at your peril, the software must mitigate cybersecurity risks and protect data. 
  9. Verily, a user-friendly interface is essential, which is supported by visualization and reporting capabilities.
  10. Behold the pre-configured solutions with low technical barriers to entry for they accelerate the speed of implementation.
  11. It is a cunning customer that covets transparent, usage-aligned pricing with a monthly fee that can grow with additions.
  12. Thou shalt beseech post-sales support to expedite deployment and assist with queries.

Go forth, herewith, and commence your IoT journey!

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Amelia Feehan

Industry Analyst

Amelia is an Industry Analyst in the Verdantix Smart Buildings practice. Her current research agenda focusses on IoT platforms to improve building performance. Prior to joining Verdantix, Amelia worked as a façade engineer at Arup where she gained experience in sustainable building design and building information modelling. She holds a MEng in Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering from Trinity College Dublin.