Analyst Inquiry Service


The Verdantix analyst inquiry service is designed to help our clients improve decision-making either through dialogue with an analyst, through a written response to an inquiry or by knowledge sharing based on our published research. The process operates as follows:

  • Client who is the Named Inquiry User for the Analyst Inquiry Service submits an inquiry via our online submission form
  • Our client services team aligns the inquiry request with the appropriate analyst and schedules the inquiry with the Named Inquiry User within 5 working days
  • Named Inquiry User and analyst complete scheduled inquiry call or analyst completes written response to client inquiry where appropriate

Usage Policy FAQs

Who is permitted to submit an inquiry from my organization?
All inquiries must be submitted by the Named Inquiry User of the inquiry service.

Who is permitted to attend an inquiry from my organization?
The inquiry meeting invitation is only sent to the email address of the Named Inquiry User of the inquiry service. The meeting invitation can then be forwarded internally at your organization to a maximum of 5 additional people.

What is the maximum scope of an inquiry which can be submitted?
The Verdantix analyst inquiry service assumes that analysts spend 30 minutes preparing for the call and 30 minute delivering the call. If the scope of an inquiry submission is obviously outside this scope client services will request that you reduce the scope and resubmit.

Can we request a specific analyst to respond to the inquiry?
Yes, the inquiry workflow enables you to request a specific analyst, for instance, the analyst who has authored the report you wish to discuss. If they are unavailable to respond in the target time frame Verdantix will identify an alternative, suitable analyst.

What is the maximum number of inquiries that we can request per quarter?
Verdantix does not set a specific limit on the number of inquiries. However, there is a cap on the number of inquiries that individual analysts can undertake per month. This may mean that your requests need to be postponed beyond the standard target of completion within 5 working days.

How does a written inquiry response work?
When an inquiry is submitted the Named Inquiry User may request a written response rather than a call with an analyst. Verdantix reserves the exclusive right to determine whether a written response is appropriate. Where this is approved by client services, the appropriate analyst will provide a written response via email to the named user within 5 working days.

To what extent are analyst inquiry discussions confidential?
All information discussed in analyst inquiry calls is mutually confidential. Verdantix will not publish any information shared by clients and clients may not disclose information shared by Verdantix analysts.

Are analyst inquiry calls recorded?
Verdantix does not permit clients to record the audio or video elements of an inquiry call. Verdantix will not record the audio or video of an analyst inquiry call.

Can a vendor organization use the analyst inquiry call for a pitch review?
As long as the call fits within the standard timelines of the analyst inquiry (30 minutes of preparation by the analyst and a 30-minute call) then the inquiry can be used to support a vendor with a commercial pitch.

Can I use the analyst inquiry service to support vendor selection?
Yes. The Verdantix analyst inquiry service is intended to support tech/services buyers with decision-making support on vendor selection based on our published research and knowledge of vendor capabilities.

Which Verdantix analysts can I schedule an inquiry with?
The Named Inquiry User at a vendor organization (typically technology and services firms) can schedule an inquiry with the analysts who work in the practice groups aligned with your research subscriptions. For example, if your organization has an EHS research subscription, you may only schedule inquiries with analysts in the EHS practice.

Named Inquiry Users at corporate/buyer organizations can schedule inquiries with any Verdantix analyst.

Updated: August 14, 2023