What is
the Green Quadrant?

The Verdantix Green Quadrant methodology provides buyers of specific products or services with a structured assessment of comparable offerings at a certain point in time. The methodology supports purchase decisions by identifying potential vendors, structuring relevant purchase criteria through discussions with buyers and providing an evidence-based assessment of the products or services in the market. To ensure objectivity of the study results, the research process is guided by:

Transparent inclusion

We aim to analyse all providers that qualify for inclusion in the research through a 332-point questionnaire and three-hour product demonstration to accurately analyse their market positioning.

Buyer’s perspective

We integrate findings from our global corporate survey of 301 senior decision-makers, many of whom have bought or plan to buy software products such as those analysed in the Green Quadrant.

Professional integrity

As it is not feasible to check all data and claims made by vendors, we emphasize the need for professional integrity. Assertions made by software providers are put in the public domain via the Verdantix report and can be checked by competitors and existing customers.

Scores based on evidence

To assess software vendors’ expertise, resources, business results and strategies, we gather evidence from public sources and conduct interviews with multiple spokespeople and industry experts. When providers claim to be ‘best in class,’ we challenge them to present supporting evidence.

Capabilities comparison

We construct measurement scales ranging from ‘worst in class’ to ‘best in class’ performance at a certain point in time. A provider’s position in the market can change over time, depending on how its offering and success evolves relative to its competitors.

What does this report offer?

Our latest report is the only independent benchmark of the 13 of the leading workplace system integrators in the market, which assesses them on their ability to meet customer demands and compares them across 10 capability areas related to real estate and workplace management processes

This report gives you all the information you need to help you to short-list and select a workplace system integrator. Access the report now to:

the best provider based on criteria relevant to your business

Our clients rely on our advice to make business decisions with huge implications. We use hard data to help our clients make fact-based conclusions -- leaving no ambiguity.

key market trends

We take time to ask "why?" before we solve "what?" and "how?". Our creative research methodologies ensure we flex the boundaries of competitive markets, identify previously unseen opportunities and develop new paradigms for decision-making.

the best solution for your business with comprehensive vendor comparisons

To make the right decisions our clients need to know which industry scenario is most likely, which supplier is the best fit for them today, and what are the best practices exactly.

and support your business decisions

We apply business thinking in our research to align financial success with business practices that deliver positive impacts for the environment and society over the long-term.

Green Quadrant: Workplace Systems Integrators 2021

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