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Our research meets the needs of corporate executives, facilities service firms and real estate investors looking to update their technology strategy, build business cases, leverage best practices and understand what the latest innovation means for them. We support executives looking to better understand the markets for software firms in the building IoT platforms, IWMS, CAFM, CMMS, and energy management segments; smart buildings technology vendors as well as leaders of real estate services practices.

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Our expert team of Smart Buildings analysts aim to deliver 50 new reports published per calendar year, host monthly webinars focused on the latest Smart Building technologies, market trends and real-estate optimization strategies. Keeping you up to date with the latest insights, from breaking market news to the latest solutions and technologies available. Stay in the know with new announcements, wins and loses, market forecasts & predictions from within your industry.

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As employees return to the workplace, firms are implementing new strategies to make buildings safer. With a huge number of technologies available for air quality management, space monitoring and employee wellbeing, selecting the right solution is a daunting task. We’ve brought together a detailed set of reports to help you build a successful strategy while giving you the ability to make the most informed decision when choosing a technology solution that best fits your business requirements.

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Moving to an agile workplace can support staff productivity and help your firm shave millions off its real estate costs. Our reports provide rich data and actionable insights to help you define a space efficiency strategy, select the right workplace technologies to meet your needs and pitch your strategy to the board.

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A growing body of research shows that making buildings healthier can positively impact staff satisfaction, absenteeism, and cognitive function. We’ve brought together a detailed set of reports to help you define your healthy building strategy, understand the changing technology solutions and benchmark your building investments against your peers.

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Landlords are starting to leverage tenant engagement apps to help them capitalize on new monetization opportunities and grow revenues. Our reports guide landlords in defining their workplace technology strategy and help you decipher the best-fit solutions amidst a crowded and rapidly changing marketplace.

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Innovative technologies can help firms to reduce their building energy costs by up to 30%. To help you take your energy management programme to its next phase, we’ve selected a set of best practice guides and technology benchmarks to inform your strategy and investments.

A growing body of research shows sustainable, healthy and smart buildings can achieve rental premiums in competitive markets. We’ve carefully curated a selection of actionable reports that will guide you on using technology to gain a competitive advantage for your building portfolio today and in the future.

Today real estate executives are using growing levels of data and predictive insights to make smarter decisions across capital planning, lease and site selection. We’ve selected a series of data-rich reports to inform your software strategy whether you are looking to use a single IWMS platform or best-of-breed solutions to enhance your decision making.

Whether you’re looking for a new Smart Building technology solution or looking to update an existing one; selecting, implementing, and maximising the value of software from a crowded field of vendors is a difficult and time-consuming task. We’ve carefully curated a selection of data rich reports to help minimize risk, while giving you the ability to make the most informed decision when choosing a solution that best fits your business requirements.

  • 1. Building Your Smart Building Tech Strategy
  • 2. Learning From How Your Peers Are Using Tech & Benchmarking Your Plans
  • 3. Choosing Technology & Selecting A Vendor
  • 4. Building The Business Case For Tech
  • 5. Getting Value From Your Technology Estate

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We work with a range of clients to help them overcome a number of different issues. Whether you’re looking to benchmark yourself to understand your positioning, adopt new innovative technology or get maximum value from your existing systems; all the way to innovators in the market who are looking to understand the environment they operate in, where the market is going or validation for of strategic choices. By working with buyers, suppliers, services firms and investors Verdantix is able to gain a full picture, allowing us to bridge the ever changing and complex environment by offering knowledge, insight and support to optimize business operations.

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