In-person Summit

December 1, 2022 | Verdantix Climate Summit | Etc Venues, 133 Houndsditch, London, UK

Innovative Solutions To Master Climate Disclosures

Net Zero | Climate Risk | ESG | Sustainability

As securing a net zero future climbs to the top of the corporate agenda, fuelled by new regulation, investor pressures and customer demands, these market challenges require corporate executives to revise and broaden their existing carbon management strategies. This one-day event will help CSOs, sustainability and EHS executives to understand the evolving carbon management landscape, explore the expanding technology options, and provide insights on how to develop, revise and implement a fit for purpose strategy in an era of net zero emissions targets.

5 expert panels covering everything from how to define the critical success factors for your strategy to setting a practical roadmap for reaching net zero.

2 analyst teach-ins sharing insights from Verdantix's market-leading analysts.

Thought-provoking speakers
Interactive learning environment
Live product demonstrations
Connect with the technology community
Stay ahead of the curve

Etc.Venues 133 Houndsditch

The Verdantix summit will be hosted at Etc.Venues 133 Houndsditch. Located near Liverpool Street and Aldgate station, 133 Houndsditch features a state-of-the-art conference and exhibition space.

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133 Houndsditch
Liverpool Street
London EC3A 7BX



Adrian Rimmer

Director, Sustainable Finance

London Stock Exchange Group

Himangshu Dey

Senior Global Sustainability Director


Riad Efendi

Global Corporate EHS Manager


Jonathan Evans

Head of Risk and Sustainability Lead


Chris Guest

Climate Change Lead


Ian Heasman

Director of Sustainability

Taylor Wimpey

David Linden

Head of Energy Transition

Westwood Global Energy Group

Saad Malik

Group ESG & Sustainability Reporting Lead

National Grid

Kim Rybarczyk

ESG Council


Dave Wakelin

Director of Sustainability and Energy


Stuart Wright

Operations Net Zero Delivery Director


David Metcalfe



Rodolphe d’Arjuzon

Managing Director


Stuart Neumann

Vice President, Advisory Services


Kim Knickle

Research Director, ESG & Sustainability


Bill Pennington

Research Director, Environment, Health & Safety


Ryan Skinner

Research Director, Net Zero & Climate Risk


Justin Butler



Ben Hext

Industry Analyst


Maya Hilmi



Alessandra Leggieri



Elisa Molero



Jessica Pransky

Principal Analyst


Connor Taylor

Industry Analyst


Lily Turnbull

Industry Analyst


Iggy Bassi

Founder & CEO


Michael Bruce

Solution Engineer


Robert Davis

Vice President, Product Management

Wolters Kluwer

Dominic Jones

SVP, Partnerships


Renée Lenore

Senior Technology Product Manager

Wolters Kluwer

Maria Montenegro

Senior Vice President of Strategy & Innovation

Wolters Kluwer

Kevin O’Neill

Senior Manager, Strategic Product Management

Benchmark Digital

Sandy Smith



Kevin Vranes

Global Product Lead - Net Zero Cloud


Adrian Wain

ESG Advisory Lead

UL Solutions

Peter Walsh

Director of ESG Market Strategy and Partnerships

Benchmark Digital


Thursday December 1, 2022 | 9:00 — 17:00 | London, UK | In-Person Summit

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9:00 GMT Day 1 Welcome 5 minutes


9:05 GMT Day 1 Keynote 30 minutes


Adrian will be exploring how increased sustainability values and regulation, coupled with technological innovations in this field, can power positive commercial benefits for businesses in their efforts to achieve net zero; as well as discussing transition finance and the rapid growth of the green economy.

  • Adrian Rimmer, Director, Sustainable Finance, London Stock Exchange Group
9:35 GMT Day 1 Panel 45 minutes

The Critical Success Factors To Achieving Net Zero

Firms across a wide variety of industries have committed to net zero goals. Whether driven by a desire to demonstrate industry leadership, align with commercial strategy or to satisfy stakeholders, it’s now the responsibility of the CSO to deliver on this goal. This session will explore how technology can support your efforts to implement and manage a net zero strategy that maximizes returns.

10:20 GMT Day 1 Break 20 minutes

Networking Break

10:40 GMT Day 1 Trailblazer 25 minutes

Innovation Trailblazer

CSRD: What Does It Mean For Climate Disclosures, And How To Maximize The Strategic Value Of Reporting
  • Peter Walsh, Director of ESG Market Strategy and Partnerships, Benchmark Digital

This session will explore the new obligations introduced by the European CSRD, and discuss how these mandatory disclosure requirements can be leveraged to improve an organization's sustainability performance.

About Benchmark Digital
Building A Resilience Cycle: The Link Between ESG, Climate Adaptation, And CEM

Everbridge SVP of Business and Partner Development, Dominic Jones, will dissect the idea of a resilient ecosystem in three parts, culminating in the idea of a Best in Resilience certification for businesses, donors, financial institutions, states, and more. First, he will detail how Everbridge solutions provide businesses with products that enhance resilience in enterprises. Second, he will discuss how partnership helps to develop climate adaptation solutions, digging into the concept of IBRF and parametric insurance for institutions and enterprises. Finally, he will denote how Critical Event Management (CEM) is more than physical security - it is a value chain based on resilience.

About Everbridge
11:05 GMT Day 1 Panel 45 minutes

Creating A Futureproof Carbon Management Strategy

Investor pressure and climate change policies, including TCFD, are driving carbon emissions reduction strategies. With intense scrutiny of balance-sheet climate risks, firms are urgently trying to assess their carbon financial impact. However, few firms have invested in the underlying data management, workflow and analytics capabilities needed to calculate the cost of decarbonization and deliver on net zero strategies. This session will provide insight and guidance for creating a futureproof digital carbon management strategy that satisfies stakeholder demands.

11:50 GMT Day 1 Trailblazer 25 minutes

Innovation Trailblazer

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud Roadmap

Carbon is just the beginning. Join Kevin Vranes, Sr. Director, Product Management, Net Zero Cloud to see what the product team has been innovating on and the features and capabilities Net Zero Cloud has in store for tomorrow and beyond.

About Salesforce
Decarbonising The Value Chain: Meeting The Scope 3 Challenge

Tackling Scope 3 emissions continues to be a daunting task for organizations, due to a lack of quality data and the challenges associated with collecting the necessary data from ever-growing supply chains. But as pressure grows from regulators, investors, stakeholders and the public to disclose GHG emissions data, the time to get a handle on Scope 3 emissions is now. In this session, Sphera will offer guidance and insights;

  • How to identify blind spots when it comes to Scope 3 emissions in the supply chain
  • Understanding Scope 3 emissions across your organization
  • How to set up a decarbonization plan


About Sphera
12:15 GMT Day 1 Break 60 minutes


13:15 GMT Day 1 Analyst Teach-In 15 minutes

Best Practices: Planning For Net Zero Carbon Buildings

The concept of low carbon buildings has been evolving since the 1990s, but today, the concept of net zero carbon buildings takes the ambition further by aiming for buildings with zero carbon impact over their lifetime. This session considers how CSOs should align with facilities and operations directors and provides guidance on driving action to achieve net zero at the building level.

13:30 GMT Day 1 Panel 45 minutes

The Roadmap To TCFD Success

With a growing number of firms facing regulatory pressure to align with TCFD requirements, and many other countries following with similar regulation, there remains confusion about how best to integrate the recommendations of the TCFD into broader ESG and sustainability management strategies. This session examines the best practices for aligning with the TCFD and which services, projects and technologies firms should invest in to inform their TCFD strategy and ensure success.

14:15 GMT Day 1 Trailblazer 25 minutes

Innovation Trailblazer

ESG Disclosures & Beyond: Combining Disparate Data & Departments Through An Integrated Solution To Drive ESG Performance

It seems one can’t turn on the financial news without learning of new ESG reporting frameworks (or changes to existing ones) that your company may be subject to. But how do you get to your first regulatory ESG or Climate report, and what comes next? How do you bring together expertise across your company from sustainability, health and safety, finance, and other departments? How do you leverage technology to integrate data (financial and non-financial) that was previously hosted separately (or wasn’t even collected before)?

The next frontier in ESG is operationalization of KPI improvements, whether through financial optimization or sustainability and safety improvement. A combination of 1) ESG disclosure reporting, 2) incorporation of ESG as a key part of your integrated risk strategy, and 3) operationalization of improvements in both financial reporting and core environmental & safety metrics is key to future-proof your ESG technology and strategy.

Rob Davis (VP, Product & Strategy) and Renée Lenore (Senior Product Manager, Environmental) from Wolters Kluwer describe how you can simultaneously accomplish these three goals and more in an integrated, innovative, and flexible solution. This allows you to approach ESG from various stakeholders’ viewpoints, grow your solution to include other ESG-related roles, as well as use tools and applications to report ESG KPIs and improve them over time; while focusing on what’s material to your company, and doing so with a trusted partner who’s been involved in ESG before it became mainstream.

About Wolters Kluwer
Scope 3 Measurement: Cutting Through The Complexity With UL Solutions

Measuring Scope 3 emissions is complex. At UL Solutions, we help our customers manage the complexity with established software and advisory services. Join our presentation to learn how flexible and scalable solutions can overcome the Scope 3 measurement challenge.

About UL Solutions
14:40 GMT Day 1 Panel 45 minutes

Supply Chain Transparency: Shining A Spotlight On Scope 3 Reporting

Customers, investors and regulators are all pushing for firms to provide greater visibility and accountability in the supply chain. In addition, across all regions, organizations establishing net zero emissions targets validated by the SBTi will have to back up their statements with data from across their operations, extending into their supply chains for Scope 3 emissions data. The biggest challenge for CSOs, and their number one priority, is improving supply chain sustainability performance metrics. This session debates the best practices and tools available to accurately collect Scope 3 emissions information.

15:25 GMT Day 1 Break 20 minutes

Networking Break

15:45 GMT Day 1 Panel 45 minutes

The Green-Eyed Monster: Avoiding Greenwashing Allegations

Governments globally are in the midst of a crackdown on greenwashing. Currently, the market for ESG scores for equities is unregulated and unsupervised, with a lack of standardization across scoring - yet investors demand visibility into which firms are truly sustainable and climate-friendly. As the extensive greenwashing epidemic starts to be eradicate, firms must ensure they are aligned with greenwashing mitigation regulations This session explores the data required to support company statements and considers how to use this information to build trust with your target audience.

16:30 GMT Day 1 Analyst Teach-In 20 minutes

Critical Considerations When Buying Carbon Management Software in 2023

To succeed with net zero strategies, firms will need to invest in an enterprise-wide carbon management digital platform that encompasses multiple functionality, engages with EHS and other key stakeholders, and ensures compliance with new regulations. This session will demonstrate how to assess carbon software and services providers to implement solutions that optimize and transform business.

16:50 GMT Day 1 Close 10 minutes

Wrap Up & Close

17:00 GMT Day 1 Reception 120 minutes

Drinks Reception

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