How To Select The Correct EHS Software Application For Your Business

This webinar is designed for corporates looking to select or assess EHS software. We will share insights from our competitive benchmark (Green Quadrant) on EHS software, detailing the key functionality you should expect from EHS software and how the capabilities of the different vendors compare. We will also provide our best practice recommendations on the overall approach for selecting and implementing EHS software, leveraging insights from the numerous projects we have completed in this area. Please note, access to this webinar is exclusive to corporates.

How to select the correct EHS Software application for your business Webinar Verdantix Webinar


2020 Benchmark For Corporate EHS Technology Budgets & Priorities

This webinar provides insights into the 2020 technology investment plans, strategies and priorities for 403 corporate EHS decision-makers. The global interview set covers 35 countries and 25 industries. Of these respondents, 79% represented firms with annual revenues exceeding $1 billion and two-thirds held role titles of director or above. This year marks the seventh iteration of the Verdantix global corporate EHS leaders survey. Webinar attendees will hear how corporate EHS executives plan to invest across multiple categories of technology such as commercial software for incident management, environmental compliance, occupational health and sustainability programme management. 

2020 Benchmark For Corporate EHS Technology Budgets Priorities Verdantix Webinar


From Emissions To ESG: The Changing Landscape Of Sustainability Management

This webinar provides a view of how software platforms and vendors are responding to changing sustainability demands and pressures. Attendees will gain insight into various vendors’ offerings for sustainability management software (SMS) as well as the growing trends in the SMS market. This webinar will provide C-suite executives, EHS managers, investment managers and sustainability professionals with an overview of emerging usage scenarios for software to meet internal and external sustainability demands.


2020 Verdantix Analyst Relations Webinar

Are you looking for new ways to educate technology buyers in business functions like operations, engineering, maintenance, safety, real estate and facilities? If so, Verdantix is ideally positioned to help you out.

Our research has been accessed by 15,000 business buyers of technology in 2019. In 2020 we will publish a wide range of independent research to help buyers of digital technology select vendors for digital twins, IoT, smart buildings, IWMS, industrial wearables, asset performance  management, drone solutionsand EHS.


Industrial Wearables: Budgets, Priorities and Tech Preferences

This webinar provides a view into the current uptake and preferences of industrial wearable devices. Attendees will gain insight into the results of our global industrial wearable survey focused on the budgets, priorities and needs of 102 EHS decision makers. This webinar will also shine light onto important criteria for wearable selection and the current barriers for a successful wearable implementation.


Supply Chain Transparency: How Technology Will Refine And Enhance EHS Current Practices

This webinar provides a view of how technology is shaping the way environment, health, safety, and sustainability information is shared throughout the supply chain. Attendees will gain insight into the various vendors involved in collecting information from suppliers, especially relating to supplier-level EHS and sustainability practices such as for material traceability or LCA analysis. This webinar will provide EHS, sustainability, supply chain, and procurement executives with an overview of the diverse use cases of technologies available to meet internal and external supply chain transparency pressures.