Sustainability Consulting & Assurance: A $1 Billion Market With An Identity Crisis

This webinar shares data from the updated market size and forecast models for sustainability consulting and assurance. With a global market sized at just over $1 billion in 2016 and weak growth of 4% annually forecasted over the next five years, the sustainability services market is challenged by poorly defined corporate functional needs and lenient public policy drivers. Based on recent Verdantix research with sustainability decision-makers and practice heads at consulting firms, we will share our insights on why spend on sustainability consulting by heads of sustainability will decline over the next 5 years with no prospect for a significant pick up in spending. The data points to increasing spend on sustainability projects by other business functions but this poses its own challenges for partners tasked with selling “sustainability projects”.

Verdantix Says Heads of Sustainability Will Spend Less on Consulting Engagements Over the Next 5 Years

New York, June 23, 2016. Spending by sustainability leaders on core areas of advice will shrink over the next 5 years according to a new market size and forecast study from independent analyst firm Verdantix. The model predicts that spending by heads of sustainability on consulting services will shrink by 2.4% a year over the next 5 years from $417 million in 2016 to $369 million in 2021. By contrast, other business functions such as finance, sourcing, and product design will spend more on sustainability projects resulting in compound annual growth for the entire market of 4% over the next 5 years.

Supply Chain Stewardship: Regulations, New Solutions and Market Growth

This Verdantix webinar reviews the landscape of supply chain stewardship solutions and gives insight into key market events. You will learn about the current state of customer demand, the variety of solutions in the market and the impact of regulations scheduled to come out in 2016. We’ll also share our insights into market growth based on the new supply chain stewardship market size and forecast report.

Verdantix Says That The Supply Chain Stewardship And Responsible Sourcing Market Is Immature But Poised For Global Growth

London, September 30, 2015. A fast-growing but fragmented market for supply chain compliance and responsible sourcing solutions has emerged over the last 3 years according to a new report from independent research firm Verdantix. Based on an analysis of 26 suppliers of supply chain stewardship solutions, the study finds that not all market offerings are currently succeeding even as some vendors are growing their revenues at more than 50% a year.

Verdantix Says That The Future Of Sustainability Disclosures Will Be Defined By Four Different Scenarios At A Geographic Level

New York. September 15, 2015. The practice of publicly disclosing corporate data relating to sustainability issues has boomed over the last 20 years. But attempts to standardize disclosures at a global level are doomed to fail as corporate marketing strategies, national regulations and societal expectations will shape regional responses to sustainability. This is the primary conclusion of a new report, ‘The Future Of Sustainability Disclosures’ from independent research firm Verdantix based on a survey of 260 heads of sustainability and interviews with a panel of 25 experts.

Verdantix Forecasts The Global Sustainability Consulting Market Will Exceed $1 Billion In 2019, Far Below Expectations Of The Consulting Industry

London. February 18, 2015. Spending on sustainability consulting engagements will grow from $877 million in 2015 to over $1 billion in 2019, according to a new forecast model produced by independent research firm Verdantix. Based on interviews with 260 heads of sustainability in 13 countries across 21 industries and financial data from 5,662 firms, the model forecasts growth in spending on sustainability consulting of just 4% per annum over the next five years.