Digital Twin Complexities Driving Partnerships With Industrial Automation Vendors And Systems Integrators

A wide range of technology vendors continue to place big bets on digital twin strategies to help their industrial customers achieve a step-change in business performance. Partnerships show the growing importance of automation in the digital twin and APM ecosystem. Connecting automation systems to asset performance management software is part of the “Instrument and Integrate” strategy, an early, but crucial step we covered in our recent Best Practices for Digitizing Industrial Asset Management report. The highest profile partnership in the digital twin market is that between Bentley Systems and Siemens, so the two firms can provide a joint digital twin proposition for industrial equipment and industrial facilities.

Simulation software developer ANSYS announced an integration partnership with industrial automation stalwart Rockwell Automation. This allows Rockwell customers to develop digital twins of their manufacturing process using the ANSYS Twin Builder software so manufacturers can create and test virtual “what-if?” scenarios that simulate changes in production line configurations in response to market demands. The benefit? Rockwell Automation customers will be able to use Twin Builder to simulate potential outcomes of different configurations without having to disrupt production. ANSYS software can also be used to build product prototypes.

Asset performance management software vendor Atonix Digital has announced a reseller agreement with industrial automation service provider McEnery Automation. The partnership calls for McEnery Automation to sell asset performance management software powered by Atonix Digital’s Asset360 platform to its customers. St. Louis, Missouri-based McEnery is a system integrator partner for both Rockwell Automation and AVEVA. It has a similar reseller agreement with industrial analytics platform vendor OSISoft.

The deal will bring Atonix Digital into new verticals it hasn’t really penetrated yet like food and beverage, consumer products and pharmaceuticals. McEnery also sells into the water and wastewater treatment and petroleum and chemical processing verticals, where Atonix Digital has a stronger presence. McEnery gets to broaden its reseller portfolio and give its customers another tool to manage and analyse the reams of data its systems are generating to find process improvements and cost savings.

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