A Majority Of Firms Are Missing Out On The Benefits Of Contractor Safety Software

Verdantix has just published the second annual survey of operational excellence decision-makers. This year we interviewed 284 managers in operations, engineering and maintenance roles to find out about their 2020 budgets, priorities and technology preferences. One data point stood out: 58% of respondents from 13 asset intensive industries said that today their firm only uses in-house developed software to manage contractor safety. Twenty per cent responded that they use commercial software from one vendor, and four per cent that they use two or more software applications. Whilst this finding is not surprising it does shine a spotlight on the potential for hiring clients to upgrade their capabilities for managing information about contractors and their workers.

Contractor safety management (CSM) software offers significant benefits compared to in-house software. Most in-house CSM software simply logs details of the contractor and attaches a copy of their certificates of insurance. Vendors such as Avetta and Veriforce offer a panoply of digital tools for document management, contractor safety stats analysis, expiring insurance alerts and safety training reporting tools. Hiring clients can also use these CSM platforms to source new contractors. Alcumus, OneLook Systems and Sphera include prequalification capabilities as well as integration with permit to work and site access systems that enable greater control of contractor safety on-site. Corporations with large portfolios of contractors to manage should wake up to the new digital tools available. Using CSM software is a much better way to improve contractor safety than are clunky internal systems running on Lotus Notes databases or Sharepoint.

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